Yale Lock With Key

This Yale lock brings convenience and safety. Unlock your door with a 4 to 8 digit pin code or a physical key. The backlit keypad gives easy viewing at all times. In addition, it allows you to make permanent, scheduled, or temporary codes. Use these codes for people that you trust to have access to your home. In fact, these codes can keep a record of who is coming in and out and at what times. You can delete these codes when you want to. The Yale lock has an option to lock automatically behind you if you choose.

A Wi-Fi upgrade allows you to manage your home’s deadbolt from anywhere. It gives you the convenience of locking, unlocking, grant access, and receive alerts while you are away from the house. Your home’s virtual assistant works along with this lock. A Yale Lock Smart Module upgrade will add your locking system into your Smart Home system. 

Yale smart door lock


  • Use a pin code or key to open your door
  • Stores up to 250 unique pin codes
  • Delete codes when needed
  • Weather-protected
  • Backlit numbers
  • Tamper-proof battery cover
  • One-touch lock 
  • Upgrade to Wi-Fi smart lock with Yale Access app
  • Works with voice assistants with upgrade
  • Add-on Smart Module for smart home integration
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