Smart Switch

The Smart Switch is a device that you use with your home automation. It takes the place of your normal built-in switches. You use it in the same way as your regular switch, but it gives you a new way to control it and other wired devices that use switches. With the smart switch, you control it through an app over your Wi-Fi home internet. This type of control lets you manage your plugged-in devices even while you are away from the house. 

If a device or appliance uses a wire for its power, you can control it with the app, a virtual assistant (such as Echo), a pre-programmed schedule, or your home hub panel. The benefits of the convenience that these smart switches give you are priceless. Your appliances turn off and on when they are programmed, when they sense motion, or when you say the command through voice or app.

Light Switch


  • Control wired devices in your home
  • Use the app with a smartphone or desktop
  • Give a command to a virtual assistant for control
  • Program a schedule for the devices
  • Home hub panel control
  • Manually hit the switch
  • Program to respond to motion sensors 
  • Save energy with remote adjustments of your appliances
  • Better security with control over lighting and security system
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