Allied Home Security Security Allied Home Security’s partnership with the monitoring station Central Security Group provides over 40 years of industry experience. We are an authorized dealer of Central Security Group and have established ourselves as a leading force in Home Security across Houston, TX.

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There are many reasons to get a home alarm system today. Just simply watch the news and one can quickly realize the world we live in today is not the same place we lived in 10 years ago. Crime is on the rise, and a home invasion or home break-in could never be predicted. The victims of a burglary or home invasion never knew it could happen to them until it does. Our Monitored Security System will put you in the safest position possible to protect your loved ones.

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We start with 3 levels of protection


The first line of defense is your yard sign and window decals, they let any would be intruder know your house is being monitoring 24/7 by a fully staffed monitoring station with digital signals being sent to the police and authorities immediately.


The Third line of defense is interior protection constantly scanning the inside of the house to detect any movement or body heat that is unwelcome.

At Allied Home Security we make security a sensible decision with the most competitive pricing in the industry with a zero cost installation and zero cost activation, But most importantly protecting your loved ones.

Adding a security system to your house is the best investment one can make- it not only adds value to your house but it also can lower your home owners insurance by up to 20%. Instead of paying more for home owners insurance you can use that same money to protect your family.

You and your family will get the best nights rest, You won’t have to wonder at night what the noise was outside or down the hall. Because our security system will notify you and the authorities before it is too late. The time to get a security system is before something happens.

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