Access Control

Allied secures all of your entry points and monitors your visitors as they come in and out of your business.

Portals for Your Access Control

Our cloud-managed access control gateway makes it possible to manage authorizations, key assignments and watch over the business's activity around the clock from anywhere you may be.

Managing Each of Your Visitors

Digital authorization lets your visitors sign in while also keeping an electronic record of their visits. This automated task frees you up to give your attention to other matters.

Accessing With Your Mobile Device

Stay in control with your smartphone or tablet. Use these electronics to unlock your door with a tap or twist. There is no need for key fobs or cards. Simplify and strengthen your security.

The Hardware of Access Control

Allied uses open-sourced software with generic controllers and readers for your access control. This method keeps the installation cost down without long-term software obligation.

There are many reasons to implement practical access control. Day to day occurrences nationwide show that all businesses are prone to theft and possible violence. Whether it is from outsiders or your own employees, there are risks that you need to protect your business from. Allied Security provides and installs our access control systems that reduce the possibility of these incidents.

Access Control

Allied’s security solutions for commercial access control goes beyond locking up your doors. As a result, our systems enable you to maintain smooth, continuous control over all your entry points throughout the business.

We provide the answers to your security issues, extending from a simple access control system to a large managed or hosted system. We take your security concerns seriously and address them with our best solutions.

Offering Solutions

We offer coherent integration of your access control system with your commercial security system. It works with your badges, visitor managing, ID management, and more. In addition, getting the full package of access control and security in sync gives you efficiency and increased security measures.

With our systems, you will be able to:

  • Use mobile device and cloud access to unlock doors
  • Use automation to save time on manual tasks
  • Decide exact locations to limit access in the building
  • Limit access to areas or specific cardholders
  • Control access to elevators, parking areas, and more
  • Distribute badges with pictures

It is critical to identify each person that comes onto your property, along with a keeping thorough report that will assist you in your access management. In fact, the record includes who gained access and on what date and time. In addition, it allows you to monitor multiple facilities with your video surveillance while staying connected with your commercial security systems.

Managing Visitors

When you use visitor management support, it identifies and records all visitors that come into the building. An on the spot federal and state background check prevents those who try to slide through old traditional security methods. Therefore, all visitors must pass the screening before their temporary photo identification prints out for them.

You do not need to be a technical expert to use this program. It has a simple GUI that allows easy interaction.

At times, Allied Security utilizes the existing access control system with only an upgrade. However, if a new system is needed, we design it around your unique business. 

Allied’s security experts create advanced systems that support various card technology, such as contactless smart cards and magnetic stripe. Along with the cards are biometrics and wireless access control designs.

Choices in Monitoring

Watching over your business can be done in two ways. First, you can choose to have a web-hosted plan you handle yourself, along with others in your company. Or, choose the option of managed access control where you leave the monitoring of your business up to professionals.

Access Control That Is Hosted

When using access control that is web-hosted, there is no need for dedicated servers or an IT back up. You have the control to manage all the access throughout your whole company. In addition, our web-hosting programs work with Windows, Unix, and Linux. This flexibility lets you have greater access when you need it.

These available programmed applications let you be in control to manage your business even when you are away. For example, make access changes for an employee or a specific area. From the convenient app, just change the settings from wherever you may be at the moment.

Access Control That Is Managed

Having managed access control means you still have the regular access you may need, but we take care of the daily overseeing of tasks. In fact, with someone else handling the management, you do not need computers devoted to this task, software, back-up, or the IT team to support it.

Complete Management of Your System

We provide everything that you need, including software-related updates ordering new devices, and managing your cardholder.

Your access control system syncs with the HR department for more convenient management.

Using your access control system, our Network Operations Center gathers the information of the cardholder, processes new cards, and gets them shipped out to you.

Card Management Access: Card Changes, Adding or Deleting

  • Replace card
  • Update the expiration date of the card
  • Modify a person’s access rights
  • Alter the person’s area of administration
  • Type of Transactions
  • Delete the card