Commercial Video Surveillance

Allied Security has smart solutions for all your commercial needs.
Video Solution Options

When it comes to video solutions, we have you covered. Allied shows you how to find the perfect solutions for your video data needs! There are endless options for using this video footage to your advantage.

A few features of our video solutions include: Cloud Storage, Remote Notifications and being Built for Low Light!

Built for Low Light

Control who can enter, and when.

Remote Notifications

Receive remote notifications no matter where you are.

Cloud Storage

Video data is encrypted and stored safely in the cloud.
Video that Protects

Allied’s Commercial Surveillance Systems offers digital video solutions. These high-grade cameras provide crystal-clear HD images. Recorded moments help you view and manage the activity happening in and around your business. By using the app for remote viewing, you can see live-streaming to check in on what is happening at the moment. Or, review previously recorded footage to look over a past event, no matter where you are.

Highest Quality Images

The images captured on our cameras are high-definition and use the latest technology. With the information that you gather, the analytics are used to improve the efficiency of your business, and more.

Convenient Video Review

The mobile security app keeps you in control of your business from anywhere in the world. View multiple locations if necessary. Live or recorded video is always on-demand for you, along with real-time alerts.

Managing Your Video

Too much video footage from your security cameras to manage? Find out more about a management plan. Let our experts stay in control of all your data 24/7. If anything needs your attention, they will notify you.

Criminal Activity

Today’s video technology allows you to analyze alert activity. This helps to determine if there is an actual emergency or not. It lowers the incidence of a false alarm that they may charge you for later. Protect yourself from real crime and false alarms.

Full system support

Beyond protecting your business is the issue of keeping your employees and clients safe. Your cameras can focus on areas from the parking lots to your inside spaces. Receive alerts to any activity that needs attention. As a result, these live videos reduce liability by seeing and reviewing the daily activities in these areas and taking proper measures.

Monitoring Specialists

Our trained specialists watch out for your business 24/7. You still maintain complete control. An alert will go to you if an incident arises, and you can view it in real-time with your app. Most importantly, our experts contact the authorities for you immediately on verification of an emergency. 

Request same-day service

You get same-day service if requested without extra fees. When your technician gets scheduled, we notify you so that you are ready. Above all, your technician goes through a background check before we schedule him. In fact, you will receive a name and photo ID for your reference before they arrive at your property.

Environmental Hazards

Our commercial video surveillance systems do more than detect unusual activity. In addition, it also watches out for environmental safety issues. Sensors are used to detect flooding, heat changes from fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. You need to catch these issues at the very early stages in order to avoid costly damage and repairs. Receiving real-time alerts aids in early detection.

Featured Cameras

Enhanced Series 3 Dome

Home Security

Enhanced Series 3 Bullet

Bullet Outdoor IR

Enhanced Series 3 Box

Untitled design (11)

Platinum 2 MP IR Dome

PTZ Camera
Untitled design (12)


Thermal Dome
Untitled design (13)

2 MP Ultra-Low

License Plate IR Camera

Only the Best Commercial Video Surveillance Equipment

NDAA Compliant Cameras

NDAA Compliant

Allied Home Security only stocks and uses video surveillance equipment that is compliant with the NDAA regulations. By doing this, it simplifies the process of doing business with partners associated with government agencies

The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization (NDAA) is a United States federal law that defines the budget, expenses, and policies of the U.S. Department of Defense. NDAA Section 889, prohibits the U.S. government from obtaining video and telecommunication devices from specific Chinese companies and companies related to them.

NDAA Compliant

AI Powered Video Monitoring

video surveillance

We have a wide variety of solutions for your commercial video surveillance. It can be as simple as keeping an eye on a small storefront all the way to outfitting a large corporation with a network of numerous cameras and recorders.

Technology today has advanced far past just a basic alarm to protect your business property. In fact, a good network of cameras serves you for less cost than hiring security workers. Also, employees are more likely to be more productive knowing you are seeing their hard work on video. In addition, when the clients see video surveillance in the business, they felt safer in the environment and are sure to come back.

Allied Security supplies overall safety plus security protection and enhances your business. Certainly, the proper commercial video surveillance system keeps you in tune with all aspects that occur in and around the property. Our security experts thoroughly analyze your business to make sure to cover all the corners. Likewise, we will listen to your concerns and add any extras you feel you might need.

video surveillance

Commercial surveillance systems are now putting to use AI technology. What used to be done by several people monitoring volumes of images, is now easily analyzed by our cameras. Video analytic software allows your video surveillance system to performs tasks such as a suspicious package, unauthorized access, theft, facial recognition, and other possible threats. Some even detect if there is a person that seems to have an overly warm temperature or not wearing a mask. There are no hours off or lack of attention span when it comes to artificial intelligence serving as your virtual security guard. These commercial security systems are continuously trained and updated to conform to your individual industry needs. 

The purpose of AI video surveillance is to detect any threats before they intensify into something bigger. We want to minimize any risks in your building. AI learns and adapts on ways to identify patterns and gains insights for future scenes. In addition, it analyzes occupancy, customer flow, and more. So, whether it is a missing face mask or unauthorized access to your building, AI is there watching out for you.