Commercial Monitoring

Our monitoring centers provide commercial services to a wide range of security systems.

With Allied’s monitoring services, you minimize your losses when there is a 24/7 eye on your company. In addition, it boosts the efficiency of your production. We show you how to use your commercial monitoring service to its fullest extent. 

commercial security monitoring
  • Our Allied Commercial Monitoring networks meet all legal regulations and requirements.
  • Our UL-Certified monitoring centers bring reliable commercial alarm monitoring, quick dispatch, and support.
  • On-site and off-site back-up cloud services provide emergency protection for your company.
  • The important services of your data storage and analytical reporting assist in your growth.
  • We make it a goal to provide you with data, reports, and analytics to improve your security and lower any costs. 
Business Security Monitoring

Allied Commercial Security Monitoring brings your company over 15 years of experience in the security industry. Our professional team knows how important this security is to you because we listen carefully to your needs.

Critical Monitoring

Allied secures your commercial buildings with 24/7 monitoring. Our monitoring equipment is UL-Certified and meets or exceeds their standards. We make sure we receive your alerts for fire, intrusion, or safety no matter what the weather or emergency may be. Monitoring stations are stationed across the United States to ensure you are always protected. We use North America’s largest network of UL-Listed monitoring stations.

Available Assistance

Our highly trained dispatchers are there when you need us. We only allow the most qualified to take charge of your monitoring needs. You need to know that help is available when you need it. Our professional representatives receive ongoing training. They serve as a lifeline when you need help. Our dispatchers get you a swift response in those times of emergency in your building.

Security Analysis

Allied thoroughly inspects your commercial building to get a complete overall view. We look for areas that may have blind spots and examine to see if there is any other overlooked security in your business. Then, we put to use our many years of security insight to advise a comprehensive protection plan that works for you and your industry.


The Allied Commercial Team makes your onboarding process a pleasant experience. We start you out with the basics. Our team performs an extensive assessment to make a complete picture of your present security. Next, the Team discusses the findings and suggestions for securing your building inside and out. Along with you, we work on a plan that includes comprehensive security, along with any preferences you have. We inform you of every step of the whole process between the plan and the installation. Allied provides continuous support and clear communication to keep you up-to-date. 

Dedicated team

Allied trains your team in all the necessary procedures with your monitoring system. Also, we avoid causing any unnecessary interruptions to your daily business during your installation. We go out of our way to be available to you at any time for questions, or guidance. At Allied, we make customer support a priority. You receive all the information needed to contact us when you need to speak with someone about support or questions that arise.

Commercial System Solutions

Access Control

Manage permissions of who can enter and when.

Remote Notifications

Receive alerts and notices remotely when you are away.

Cloud Storage

Let the cloud keep your video data encrypted and safely stored.

5-Star Monitoring

You only get the best UL monitoring to provide protection.

Professional Installation

Your complete system gets installed by professionals that are licensed.

24/7 Recording

You have round-the-clock protection with a continuous live recording.
Staying Informed

Regular in-depth reports put you on top of things when it comes to your commercial security. With such thorough reports, patterns become apparent and allow you to make adjustments where necessary.

Mass notification

Your employees also stay informed with a system that sends out messages to large groups all at once. Whether it is severe weather warnings or hazardous conditions at the office, a group message keeps everyone safe.

Full Systems Integration

The daily functions of your building merge smoothly with our commercial security systems. We carry all the extra devices to add to your system if you want. Cameras, motion sensors, access pads, etc. Thoroughly protect your building.

Monitoring centers

Our monitoring centers are strategically placed across the nation to give you the highest quality service. The response time to your emergencies is one of the fastest in the country. Whether the alarm is for an intruder, fire, or a medical emergency, we get the correct first responder to your location immediately.

Same-day servicing

Allied offers same-day installation as part of our high-standard service. This service does not incur any extra charge. In addition, we make sure you are familiar with our technicians that will be there to do the installation before they arrive. Our staff undergoes extensive training and background checks so that you receive the safest and best care.

Beyond Standard Security

Our monitoring services do more than just secure your building from outsiders. The latest technology allows us to also monitor for any type of environmental hazards. This would include flooding, fires, and carbon monoxide threats. The goal of this type of monitoring is to keep people safe and minimize damage to the building.