Allied Home Security Security Allied Home Security’s partnership with the monitoring station Central Security Group provides over 40 years of industry experience. We are an authorized dealer of Central Security Group and have established ourselves as a leading force in Home Security across Houston, TX.

Business Security

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Camera Packages
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We protect all kinds of businesses

From Small Businesses to Large businesses. We protect them all.
Our business is protecting your business. Key business security elements are

Tracking what time employees arrive to work, and what time they leave.

Video Surveliance for employee and customer safety.


Eliminate Theft

We offer a wide arrange of systems that are designed with you in mind. We take business security very serious and understand each industry has its own set of requirements and risks. We will create a custom designed system designed specifically for your needs. We have many different security options such as retail business security systems, office security systems, storefront security systems, industrial security systems, restaurant security systems.

We have the industry leading products to help you manage your business more effectively




Security Camera


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*Requires 36-month term contract with QSP. Termination fee applies. Not including monitoring.

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