Shock Sensor

A shock sensor alerts you when there are vibrations of someone breaking down your door or a window. The door and window contacts only alert you if there is something that opens. The shock sensor goes a step further and detects forced entry. These sensors are very sensitive and nearly impossible not to trigger if there is a break-in. If your system is armed when this vibration movement happens, an immediate alert will go out. Install these sensors directly on the window or door frames to prevent device breakage when placed directly on the glass. However, if preferred, install them directly on the glass pane. Place these sensors anywhere you need the vibration of a potential breakage detected. They are also ideal for glass cases, safes, or anything that may have a potential of being forced open.

The benefit of a shock sensor is that it detects the attempt at breaking in before it actually occurs. A home security system with Allied can help you assess your situation and give you some ideas on what would work best for your home. 

shock sensor


  • Low-profile design
  • Detects shockwaves of a solid area breaking
  • More sensitive than sound detectors
  • 10 ft range
  • 3M adhesive mounting
  • 24-hour perimeter detection
  • False alarm immunity
  • Place within eye view as a deterrent
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