The Latest Home Security Trends for 2021

The Latest Home Security Trends for 2021

The year is coming to a quick close. As we prepare for the upcoming new year, we’re hoping for the best. Part of our preparation is how to take care of our family to the best of our abilities. Do you have a home security system yet? A 2018 article in the Security Systems News reports that by 2021, almost 30 percent of U.S. households will have home security. If you are not one of these homes, then you may be considering it. As the popularity of home security grows, the technology is also continuously evolving. So, as you shop for a new system, or are looking at upgrades for a present one, let’s see what trends are happening right now. 


Something Old, Something New

Things we watched in the imagination of movies are now a reality. We control our homes and their security alarm systems with our voice or the push of a button. Although a few new things are coming out, as a whole, home security companies are taking their existing devices and streamlining their looks, and improving the quality. Here are a few unusual items that you will see more of soon:

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  • Amazon is releasing the Always Home Cam. This is no ordinary home security camera. It is an actual drone that has a 5-minute uptime, long enough to walk you through a preset path in the house. The streaming video footage uploads to the cloud.
  • Facial recognition is now an add-on feature you can use with a couple of different cameras. After you create a database with your familiar faces, the camera does the rest. They let you know who is already inside and who is outside the front door. Some of the facial recognition cameras double as a Google Assistant also. 
  • Apps that connect to your existing car cameras record video over Wi-Fi or LTE. The app currently is only compatible with Tesla so far. There are available car cameras that work with an app and alert you of any activity involving your car. 
  • On the business side of security, have you heard about the microchip that companies can use for employees? Due to technology and privacy issues, some states have tried to pass laws to ban the practice. But, supposedly, an implanted chip allows the person to open doors without badges, use a cashless vending machine, or keep track of the copies you make at the printer. One of the companies had 50 volunteers try it out. However, there are no immediate plans for putting it into common use as of yet. 


Home Security Keeps Getting Smarter

Other than these up and coming futuristic ideas, what else will we see next year? Home security cameras continue to streamline their aesthetic looks to fit in the decor. Home security companies do this while making their camera’s resolution crisper and smarter. Also, CCTV evolves daily. Facial recognition opens up a whole new area of security and debate. The possibilities with this are endless. Allied Home Security keeps up with the best home security equipment on the market. Their inventory includes cameras, video doorbells, integrated smart home devices, panic buttons, and much more. If it plugs in, you can probably control it remotely. Don’t get left behind. Lockdown your home in safety and keep the control in the palm of your hand with your smartphone.

Allied Smart Home Security in Houston, TX
Allied Smart Home Security in Houston, TX