Why Should I Upgrade My Home Security System?

Why Should I Upgrade My Home Security System?

Remember when you bought that new home so many years ago? You were so proud. You also felt safe and sound with that hardwired alarm system that covered your windows and doors. It has served you well for so many years, but now you’re starting to see all these innovative voice-controlled devices. Your friends are telling you their experiences of convenience having Alexa and others serving as their helpers. Now you’re starting to wonder if you should upgrade your home security system. Do you really need it?

Home Security Technology

Allied Smart Home Security in Houston, TX
Allied Smart Home Security in Houston, TX

One of the biggest changes to home alarm systems is that they have gone wireless. The older systems had to have each sensor wired to the main keypad to work. This meant a lot of holes to be drilled and changes to be made in the home. Also, if a wire gets cut, the alarm device it led to would no longer work. The wireless security systems today eliminate most of that drilling and require very little changes to the home. No need to worry about wires getting cut, or in the event of an electrical outage, most systems come with a battery backup power source. Another improvement to our older security systems is the addition of outdoor security cameras keeping an eye on your property. Now you don’t have to wait for a loud alarm to sound to know someone is breaking into your home, motion sensors on the home security cameras will alert you to the first footstep into your yard. 

Home Automation Options

smart locks
Smart Door Locks

You are now considering a wireless alarm system for your windows and doors, along with a couple of outside cameras. What other upgrades are becoming almost a standard to the modern-day home security system? Video doorbells are almost a necessity with the package thefts or children at home situations. Two-way communication makes it possible to speak with whoever is at the door, even if you are not at home. You can even see and greet your kids coming home from school. Keyless entries are also handy and allow you to program different codes to individuals giving you the control of knowing who comes and goes. The best part of this is that it can all be centrally controlled by you through your smartphone or computer. In addition to the basic security measures of smart door locks and home security cameras, we now introduce more Smart Home options. You can also integrate lights, the garage door, the thermostat, smoke detectors, and more, all in to the same app on your phone. This is also where you can program your virtual assistant at home to control these smart devices with your command. 

Is Change Necessary?

Three security cameras
Three security cameras

Some people get very comfortable with what they have. However, if your security system is more than 10-years-old, the older technology will restrict what your system is capable of. Landlines are limiting and have disadvantages. Your home should be a safe spot where you can relax. However, today’s home security systems are more than keeping out the bad guys. You now can manage most of the functions in your home from your phone. Safety now adds convenience to the ingredients. Allied Home Security can listen to all of your needs and let you know what all your options are. You can put together the Smart Home of your future for the safety of your family. 



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