How to Prepare Before First Responders Arrive

How to Prepare Before First Responders Arrive

The first 911 call occurred in 1968. Before this, if you had an emergency at home, you dialed the fire department or hospital directly. Or, there was always the operator you dialed at “0”. The top calls today for 911 are usually concerning chest pain or breathing issues, and accidental injuries. There are also other calls for fires, suspicious persons, or violence, and more. When it is necessary to dial those three numbers, what should you do during those next few moments while you wait? Can having a home security system help your situation? Here are some suggestions from those in the first responder field.


Prepare for the Unknown

No one wants an emergency to occur, but even if there is a 1 in a million chance, that one could be you. One suggestion is to have the family medical history readily available in case it is ever needed. List the health issues if there are any for each member, such as allergies, surgeries, present medications, health issues, etc. When we are in the midst of an emergency, our thinking isn’t always the clearest, and certain facts get left out. Keep this information in a secure and private spot but easily accessible for you to grab.


Another item to check on is the visibility of your house number. Can it be seen from the road? Trim back landscaping that may block it. This also promotes home security. If other situations are present, such as your house sitting back off the road, think ahead as to how you may direct them to your location. Don’t count on online maps. They can be very inaccurate. 

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When the First Responders Arrive

If your emergency is for a suspicious person or an immediate threat, the 911 dispatcher will stay on the line with you and encourage you to take shelter in a safe place. This is a moment where you don’t have time to flag down the emergency team. It highlights the importance of them finding your home easily on their own. If this is for a medical emergency for someone you are with, get that paper ready with the patient’s health information.


Knowing they are on the way, put away any pets so everyone stays safe and lessen the distraction. All home security needs to be disarmed. If possible, unlock the front door while you are able to prepare for the emergency team to come in. They come in and announce their presence and find you. If a stretcher comes in, have a path cleared without blockage to the best of your ability. As regards fires, depending on the severity, act wisely. For small kitchen fires, throw the burning pan or item in the oven and close the door if possible. If it starts to spread, call 911 and get out, as you should with any fire you can’t contain. 

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Preventive Measures

Hopefully, you will never have to experience any of these emergencies. Remember, it is better to prepare ahead for the unexpected. One of the best ways to stay safe is with a home security system. With Allied Home Security, you have 24/7 monitoring inside and out.


If there is a suspicious person or attempted home invasion, your home security cameras catch every minute and you can hit the panic button to alert your monitoring company. They, in turn, get emergency assistance to you immediately. If you are not home at the time, your cameras will catch them in the act, and police are sent out. The same goes for a medical emergency. Hit the panic button to call your monitoring company and you speak with them over the panel to let them know what you need. In the case of fires, your smoke detectors alert the monitoring company, whether you are home or not, and assistance is sent right out. 


Keep your family safe by being prepared. Have a home security system in place to assist you with emergencies. Give us a call today at Allied Home Security to see what help can be put in place to keep the home and family safe.

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