Home Security Systems to Care for the Elderly

Home Security Systems to Care for the Elderly

We all tend to worry just a little bit when our loved ones get older. Our chief concern is to keep them safe when they are living on their own. However, when we think of the technology involved in the latest home security systems, would it be too difficult for them to operate? What are the options for our older ones? How can we keep an eye on them and still give them their privacy? We will consider a few of these concerns in the following information. 

What Are the Needs at the Home?

Everyone’s answers to this will be different. So, you need to carefully consider your individual circumstances and those of the one you are caring for. For the sake of simplicity, we will use an elderly parent as an example. The security system could be for ourselves or some other person you are a caregiver of. 

  • How far away do you live from them?
  • Are there concerning health conditions you are monitoring?
  • Do they live alone or with someone else?
  • Have they fallen before?
  • Would they be able to operate a simple arm/disarm on the security system?


What to Expect with Home Security Systems?

Home Security Systems are not just burglar alarms anymore. They are now tied in with smart home devices and medical alert devices. The systems designed today come with features for our peace of mind. If you plan on setting up your parent, yourself, or another with home alarm monitoring, what can you expect to get out of it?

  • Easily monitor the activity in the home using an app. Check anytime with a live feed or go back and review past recordings.
  • Motion detectors that trigger cameras inside and out.
  • Includes 24/7 monitoring for fire and carbon monoxide. 
  • Panic buttons can be placed near their bed, favorite chair, or worn on them for instant assistance.
  • Two-way voice allows them to let the monitoring system know what has happened.
  • Move around wireless cameras as needed to adjust the views.
  • Key fobs allow the disarming or arming of the security system without running to the panel in time. A second optional panel can also be installed in a convenient spot.
  • Smart home options to help run everyday tasks.

Also, keep in mind that if you are one of the admins on the home security system, you can also have control of the app. This means that if the senior your caring for needs assistance with the thermostat or other home devices tied into the system, you can remotely help them out. 


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Keeping Our Seniors Safe

The older generation has worked hard over their lifetime. They deserve to relax and be cared for. But, at this time it is also a sad reality that they become targets for criminals looking to take advantage of them. Don’t cut corners when it comes to keeping them safe. At the same time, you don’t want to be paying for items they don’t need or intend to use. At Allied Home Security Systems, our experts can listen carefully to the needs of the household. They design a package that will fit the needs of the home and individual there. After an install, our experienced techs make sure the homeowner is comfortable in its operations. They stay until all questions are answered. If for any reason a further question comes up, Allied’s professional customer service will be happy to help out at any time. Give us a call to learn more! 


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