House Security Cameras Capture Daytime Break-in in San Jose.

House Security Cameras Capture Daytime Break-in in San Jose.

House Security Cameras Capture Daytime Break-in in San Jose.

This is just one powerful example of how we can see the use on Home Security equipment is not only effective in catching criminals but also in looking out for whole neighborhoods. 

 A network of area house security video cameras is offering practical details to San Jose investigators examining a mid-morning home robbery that occurred recently.

The video is shocking

because of how strong the two burglars were while getting into the house in San Jose, Ruskin community. On the victim & rsquo; s home security camera the robbers can be seen– and heard– making multiple efforts to kick – down the door.  

“I was really shocked when I saw the video” the victim, who did not desire to be named, told news on the scene.  “But something I was grateful for is that my kids were not home, nobody was house at that time. Her doorbell camera caught clear pictures of the whole thing.”

Video of 2 males at the door, with a white sedan waiting at the curb. A number of other homes on her block likewise have actually security electronic cameras targeted at the street. Video from a different cam shows the exact same white four-door sedan driving up and down the street last Wednesday early morning.

“I am pretty sure that my home was targeted by them for a while because as quickly as my roommate left, 3 minutes later, they broke in, she stated. After getting into the house, video shows the 2 suspects open the garage door and drive the white sedan in to fill it up with stolen items. 5 minutes later they can be seen leaving. 


Authorities were able to use the images caught on cameras to track down the suspects and the stolen items! 



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