Total Control With a Home Security App

Total Control With a Home Security App

Our smartphones are basically small mobile computers. They contain our calendar, contacts, banking, entertainment, and more. We have become adept at finding instant answers or directions with only a quick glance or having meetings on the go. With our whole life managed through our phones, it only makes sense that our household management gets included. Part of this is our home security systems. Most of our home security comes with an app to assist us in viewing or controlling our system. This app control is accessible through your smartphone, PC, tablet, smartwatch, or even TV. Let’s look at a few things you can do with your home security system using an app other than the basics of arming and disarming your system. 


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24/7 Cameran Access

Probably the most popular feature of a security app is having 24/7 access to your home security cameras. This app allows you to receive real-time alerts to any activity around the camera. Most indoor and outdoor cameras have two-way conversation capability. So, when there is motion detected while you are away, you have the opportunity to see what is happening at your home. Then, if you choose, you can speak with whoever is there. This conversation is convenient when it is your front door video doorbell camera. Acknowledge that the person is there without letting them know that you are not home. If, for any reason, you miss the notification, view the recorded video at any time. 

Having this home security access on your smartphone or PC relieves a lot of the daily stress of wondering what is happening at home. You can check in with the family at any time. There is no need to wonder if the kids came home from school on time or what the pets have been up to while you were away. 


Lock with App

Unlock the Door

Speaking of checking on the kids coming home from school, did they forget their key again? Or, would you like the neighbor to place your delivered package inside your door? By using your security app, unlock your front door or open the garage for anyone you need to let in. The app also gives you the status of your doors and windows. It tells you what doors were locked or left open. 

Smart Home Automation

With smart home security and automation devices, your app supplies endless options. Not only do you have control over your everyday tasks, but you maintain this control even when you are out of town. Automation controls let you keep your home looking lived-in. With your app, you keep up the routine of blinds opening and closing, TV at night, lights on and off, and more. Smart home plugs let you turn just about any small appliance into a smart home device. 

After the family leaves for school and work, a quick check of the app lets you know if anything was left turned on, unlocked, or disarmed. Then, you have the ability to fix most of these issues through your app. 


Thermostat with App

Energy-Saving App

In addition to offering you convenience and security, there are energy savings that come with your smart home security app. By having control of your thermostat, lights, and plugged-in appliances, you put an end to wasted energy. Either program and schedule these items or manually control them when you need to make unexpected changes. Look over the home’s status for the day and make sure that everything gets turned off that should be. 

Security, Convenience, and Efficiency

What more is there to ask for when you get all of this with a simple app on your smartphone? Whether you are at home or away, maintain total control of your home security. To learn more about the possibilities with your home security app, give us a call at Allied Home Security. Let us assist you in setting up the perfect fit for your home when it comes to security and smart home features.