4 Ways to Make Sure Your Deliveries Stay Safe

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Deliveries Stay Safe

Protect Your Home and Your Packages


Shopping online continues to grow in popularity, especially in the last year and a half. You have access to everything you need, from groceries to medicine to pet care, not to mention our online clothing shopping. It has become a simple task to click a button to get what we need. However, with all this online shopping and home delivery comes a negative side. Increased deliveries have created an increase in package thefts from our front doorstep. Porch pirates roam our streets every day looking for packages. Some of these thieves even follow behind the delivery service to watch where the packages were left. Are home security systems the answer? 

A report by NewsChannel 5 in Nashville stated that “more than 1.7 million packages are stolen or go missing every day“. This results in a loss of more than $25 million in goods and services. The report from 2019 was pre-Covid lockdown. Online shopping has greatly increased since that time. Now that we are dependant on quick deliveries, it is important to keep our packages safe until we get to them. What other solutions are there besides home security systems?


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Make a Plan with Your Neighbors

Getting acquainted with our neighbors is one of the best things you can do, especially if they are home during the day. Ask for permission to either send your package to their address or see if they mind grabbing it off your step when delivered. Be willing to reciprocate and help out other neighbors if they need it. Teaming up together is a big discouragement for porch pirates. When they see neighbors out and about or peeking out the windows at them, they will move on. Good neighbors are like having built-in home security systems. 

Get a Porch Lock Box

A porch box is a good option if you have a lot of deliveries or are frequently out of town. They design the boxes big enough so that they do not get carried away. Yet, most of them blend in nicely with the front porch decor. There are also options of weighing them down on the inside or attaching them to the wall. The purpose of these boxes is that packages get easily dropped in, but it takes a key to open the bottom to get the packages out. The opening and closing mechanisms make it impossible to reach inside and grab a package. 


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In-Home Delivery Option

There are a couple of different ways to accomplish in-home deliveries. Some delivery companies offer in-home delivery by using your permission to access your keyless door lock or garage door. By using a special key lock kit, your driver sends a notification when your door opens and also when they close it back-up. An optional camera that works with the key kit is available so that you see the whole process. However, this delivery process is not compatible with home security systems. If there is one in place, you need to disarm the system when the delivery takes place. 

Home Security Systems

Having home security systems in our homes adds a can’t-be-beaten level of protection. Even something as simple as a video doorbell is valuable when we need to keep an eye on the front porch activity. As your neighbor grabs that package to hold for you, the two-way communication lets you say thank you to them as they come to the door. Also, in addition to the video doorbell, an outdoor security camera allows you to live stream and watch out for the delivery. Or, the doorbell and camera both alert you when there is activity at the door if you cannot keep watch.


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Keep Those Deliveries Safe

Whatever choice you make to keep your packages from disappearing, it is always good to have a plan. The best way to make these choices the most effective is to back them with home security systems. This allows you to stay informed at all times about the activity that is occurring on your property. Cameras pointing at the front door discourage porch pirates in their tracks. If for any reason a theft does occur, you have it all on recorded video to share with the authorities. At Allied Home Security, we want you protected at all times. Give us a call to find out more suggestions for keeping your packages and your family safe. Find out what is available for your individual needs. We have you covered!