Back to School and Your Home Security

Back to School and Your Home Security

It’s that time of year for the kids to head back to school. Most parents have already transitioned back into the office. While we are getting used to a new routine, we try to remember how we handled it a year ago. Whatever our decisions are, if we are leaving our house empty for the day once again, there are preparations to make. There is definite planning needed if the kids are old enough to get themselves to school and come home alone. This is where having a home security system proves itself valuable. 


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Keeping an Eye on the Kids

When you leave before the kids do, there tends to be some worry until they get where they need to go. Thankfully, due to today’s technology, our security systems keep an eye on the coming and going activity in your house when you are not there. When you have smart home security, you have access to your indoor cameras on your smartphone or PC to see what is going on at home. With two-way speaking capability, your kids can ask you where their homework is, or you can remind them that they have five minutes before the bus arrives. 

Another valuable device in your home security system is the video doorbell. The camera on the doorbell lets you watch them walking out of the door. It also shows you who is outside the door or who they meet to walk with. Your outdoor cameras also catch what is going on as the kids leave the house. Hopefully, there are neighbors out and about keeping an eye on things also. If you are unavailable when all of this activity is going on, don’t worry. It is all recorded for you to view when you get a chance. 


Video Monitoring from Allied Security

Benefitting From a Smart Home

Once the kids are off to school, you get to pull out the smartphone and check the status of the house. Here are a few smart home Wi-Fi devices that offer remote access for you. 

  • Get the garage door status to make sure the kids closed it. If not, your access lets you do it from wherever you are.
  • Turn off any lights that are on if they are not already programmed to do so.
  • Check the status of the keyless front door lock and lock if needed.
  • Use your smart plugs to turn off any small devices or appliances left on. 
  • Adjust your thermostat for an empty house during the day.
  • Most importantly, make sure to arm the home security system for the day. 

Hopefully, things were cared for before everyone left for the day. But, just in case, you still have the opportunity to secure the house until everyone returns safely at the end of the day. When the kids do return home, your video doorbell alerts you as they walk up to the house. It’s good to see them home safely. Plus, the cameras catch anyone friends that have joined them. 



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Your Home Security System 

It is comforting to know how much your smart home watches out for your family’s safety. Having the capability to check over the house’s status keeps you from being distracted during the day. In addition, by having alarm monitoring added to your home security, you become even safer. Burglars know what time of year it is also. Statistics show that between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m is when most burglaries occur. Although you receive alerts on your smartphone when your home security gets triggered, you may not always see them in time. With 24/7 alarm monitoring, there is always someone watching over the home and family. Especially with the kids at home after school, you want an immediate response if there is an emergency. With alarm monitoring, the central station is able to speak with whoever is at home to see what the alert is for. Your control panel comes equipped with quick assist buttons and two-way speaking ability. 

Back to the Routine

As we cautiously return to our work and school routines, know that our Dallas security systems are on the job. For assistance in preparing your home, give us a call at Allied Home Security and find out what we can do for you. We have the latest in security equipment and smart home devices to build a reliable security package that fits your family’s routine. There is no reason to worry all day about the kids and your empty home when you have the proper security and alarm monitoring watching over things. Let us help you feel secure and safe at all times!