Top 3 Security Concerns Homeowners Have

Top 3 Security Concerns Homeowners Have

When you finally purchase a home, it is a big investment and responsibility. Then, you add a family to the equation, and the responsibilities grow. Gradually, you build up family heirlooms, valuable collections, or just sentimental items. When you look it all over, suddenly you start to worry about safety and home security. This is a normal concern, especially over the past year when we were stuck at home contemplating life during a pandemic. But, out of all the worries that homeowners have running through their minds, here are three main concerns. 

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Intruder Alerts!

Probably the biggest fear we have in our home is that our valuables are vulnerable to be taken away from us by intruders. Keeping out burglars is the main purpose of most home security systems. There are several ways to discourage potential thieves from even considering your home as a target. However, if they do decide to approach your home, be prepared. Here are a few home security items that will assist you with this:

Video Doorbell: 

Just this one item can discourage home intrusion. The video doorbell is capable of monitoring just about your whole front yard, depending on placement. Night vision makes sure nothing goes unseen. When a would-be thief walks toward your home, this will be the first thing they see looking back at them. 

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras: 

As with the video doorbell, cameras are a good deterrent. In addition, you remain informed of all your home’s activity when there is motion detected or view a live stream on-demand. 

Motion Detecting Lights: 

Don’t allow any hiding spots in your yard. Make sure any movement is lit up and detected. Nothing like a spotlight coming on to scare away unwanted intrusion onto your property. 


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Environmental Hazards

Next on the list is a fear that will probably never happen but is one of those worries constantly in the back of our minds. That is the worry of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, flooding, and hazards such as that. Although the odds are slim that you will have to experience any of these things, if it does occur, the damage is catastrophic. Once again, preparation is the key.

Smoke Detector: 

A house fire is a terrifying thing to live through, but prevention is the key. Modern smoke detectors work as smart devices within compatible homes. Not only do they detect smoke and fire, but it sends an alert to your smartphone letting you know what room is having the issue. At the same time, it alerts the proper first responders. The faster you get assistance, the less damage there will be. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector: 

Carbon monoxide leaking into your home is undetectable and deadly. But, with the proper CO sensors in the home, it should not be a needless worry. Many times you find that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors come combined. That way, it is not necessary to have additional devices installed. 

Flood and Temperature Sensors: 

These two items are important for preventive damage control. Temperature sensors let you know when an area goes below or above a set reading. For example, you don’t want your pipes freezing and bursting in the winter, so the sensor alerts you when that could become a threat. Place flood sensors where there may be leaking pipes, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or basement areas. 


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Being Unavailable for an Emergency

As already discussed, there may be times when you are not available for an alarm that is alerting you at home. Whether it is an intruder or a fire, the sooner the emergency gets a response, the less damage there may be. Most of your home security devices come with an app that allows them to alert you or manage them remotely with your smartphone. But, the time may still come where you have your phone off, or you have a limited cell signal and do not receive the alarm alert. How do you deal with this gap in protection? Enlist the help of a 24/7 monitoring service. They watch over your property at all times, whether you are home or not. Monitoring your home security puts that extra layer of protection that ties it all together. 


Unexpected things happen to everyone. However, when it does occur, being prepared lessens the stress. Having security devices in place, along with a monitoring company watching out for you, makes life a little easier. At Allied Home Security, we do our very best to prepare you for the unexpected. Caution is a good thing, but worrying is not. Our security experts can suggest a good plan for you and your family based on circumstances and budget. Please take advantage of today’s technology and let it relieve some of those everyday worries. Call us today to find out more!