Tips to Plan Out Your Home Security System

Tips to Plan Out Your Home Security System

There are many reasons to install a home security system, from the peace of mind to the savings on your homeowner’s insurance. Whatever the reason, when you do decide to put a system in place, you want the best coverage for your budget. There are endless options when it comes to putting together a home security system specifically for your family. You will need to assemble a list of your needs, and then you can add your wants to it. 

Necessities First

Before you approach any home security companies, do your research at home. Unfortunately, to do your best at covering all your bases, you will have to think like the bad guy. Beginning on the outside the house, decide what you want as far as cameras and lighting. Even waiting until it is dark assists you in seeing where the blindspots may be around the property. Make a note of the positioning of the cameras and lights and how many of each you will need. 

Of course, the ever-popular video doorbell covers your front entry area day and night. It is also convenient for answering the door to any visitor that is on your front step. Having a two-way conversation with them lets you see what they need without them knowing you are not even home. 

Continue your walkthrough inside the home next. The usual security devices chosen are motion detectors, indoor cameras, window and door contacts, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If you think you need more, there are glass break sensors and panic buttons that add a thicker layer of protection for you. You will want enough cameras to cover your main entries and common areas. Be sure to maintain the family’s privacy at the same time. 

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Smart Home Extras

With today’s technology, smart home extras are becoming items that we rely on daily. It makes it very convenient when it all ties together nicely with our home security system. Here are just a couple of smart home items that come in handy for making our life a little easier:

  •  Smart Locks: Use a unique assigned PIN code to unlock the front door. Or, unlock it remotely with your smartphone for the dog walker that needs to pick up the pet or the neighbor bringing in your delivered package. Never worry about lost keys again. 
  • Smart Thermostat: This thermostat runs programs you have set, along with learning your routine and knowing when to adjust the temperature. Coming home early and need to warm up or cool off the house? Use the smartphone app to manually adjust the thermostat before you arrive. 
  • Smart Lighting: Smart lights are programmable for schedules and rules you set for them. LED smart bulbs allow you to control the brightness and even change their colors for an event in the home. 

Smart home security devices work together to make your home not just convenient but safer too. For example, if your smoke detector senses smoke in the home, it can trigger the thermostat to turn off any air circulation minimizing the spread and damage of smoke and fire. Conduct further research into the many smart home devices available and see which ones suit your family best and fit into your budget. 

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Putting It All Together

Once you have a list of your inside and outside devices that you feel will fit your needs at home, give us a call at Allied Home Security. Our security experts will go over these items with you and see if there are further suggestions they can make. At times, they will see a blind spot you may not have thought of. Taking into account your budget, your family, and your home, our specialists help you design the perfect home security system for your situation. Get what you need, and don’t pay for what you are not going to use. Call us today to get a clear picture of the possibilities for protecting your family and home.


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