Does Home Alarm Monitoring Make a Difference?

Does Home Alarm Monitoring Make a Difference?

When choosing the right security system for your home, you might think you have finished making choices. However, there is one more decision to make. Should you have an outside company do the alarm monitoring of your system for you? Or is having a security system installed at the house enough?


Professional Security Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring

Professional alarm monitoring would come from a company such as Brinks Home Security. They will watch your property 24/7. Depending on the security system that you have, the alerts could include break-ins, fire, carbon monoxide, or more. When an alert goes off at your house, the sensor sends a signal to the monitoring company. The company will then try to contact you to verify if there is an emergency or not. If an emergency is confirmed, the appropriate first responders head to your home.


  • Peace of mind knowing someone is watching your home 24/7
  • Greater deterrent to intruders
  • Quick emergency response sent to your home when needed
  • Some companies give you the equipment free with a monitoring contract
  • Possible discount on your homeowner’s insurance


  • The system usually needs professional installation
  • Monthly monitoring fees can add up
  • There is usually a long contract involved


Does it Matter If Your Home Has Alarm Monitoring?

Surveillance Video Camera

When you choose to have a security system in your home, you have taken an important step. Protecting your family is a priority. But, not everyone is in a position to spend money on an extensive security system, not to mention a monthly monitoring fee. Although this may be true, there is a huge market where good comparison shopping can find affordable choices. Some companies offer free equipment with a monitoring contract. So, does home alarm monitoring make a difference? All things considered, it does make a difference. Having alarm monitoring by a professional company adds an extra layer of protection. Monitoring gives you the benefit of less worry while you are away from home. 


In conclusion, finding a security system for your home is a personal decision. Whether you decide to have it monitored or not is also a personal choice. Everyone wants what is best for their family. We do this by being informed and making wise decisions. Allied Home Security is happy to assist you with these choices. We will listen to what you need. Then, we will assist you in putting together the best home security package. Give us a call at one of our Houston, Austin or San Antonio locations today!