Life Hack: Let Your Home Security System Check Your Mailbox

Life Hack: Let Your Home Security System Check Your Mailbox


Have you ever been expecting an important piece of mail? Maybe it is your latest online purchase you have been tracking all week? You keep pacing to the mailbox every ten minutes to check if it has arrived yet. Then, you start to worry that maybe someone took it before you noticed. Did the mailman come yet, or not? There must be an easier way to know when your mail is arriving. Your home security system can be helpful in this case. Let’s see how. 


What Are Your Options? 

Unfortunately, mail theft is a common problem, no matter where you live. Package theft is an everyday occurrence. Disappearing mail is just one of the many safety concerns that we try to solve. We do this with an ever-expanding array of technology and imagination, including our home security systems. At times, though, it could be a simple fix. To prevent your mail from being taken, you could buy a locked mailbox. However, that would not solve the problem of knowing when your mail has arrived. Because of theft, you don’t want to leave your mail waiting for you longer than it needs to. For this, people turn to motion sensors for solutions. 


Put Your Home Security to Work

If you already have a home security system in place, it will not be hard to add your mailbox to the list of secured devices. The wireless magnetic contacts used for your windows and doors should work for the standard mailbox also. Placing one part of the sensor just inside the mailbox, you can then match the second part of the sensor on the mailbox door, so they match up together. The result is when the mailbox door opens, and the magnetic contacts are separated, it will send out a notification. You can program the alert to go to your smartphone or virtual assistant. 

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Will It Work for You?

Of course, this a great idea and works well for most. However, you might need to do a little research and experimenting with your circumstances. Reports show that the home security contacts work best with non-metal mailboxes. The signal reception depends on the distance from your home signal to the mailbox contacts. Another factor is the type of Wi-Fi signal you have and its strength. 



Mailbox delivery alerts are just another convenience that we can enjoy with the evolving technology alerts. If you are interested in seeing if this is compatible with your existing home security system, give Allied Home Security a call, and we can evaluate your devices and network to see what works best. Securing your home is a priority, but it’s even better when you can add in some convenience. Call us today at Allied and see what we can do for you!

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