10 Home Security Terms and What They Mean

10 Home Security Terms and What They Mean

With home security systems being a standard item in our daily lives now, there is also the technology that comes with it. At times, this technology seems to have its very own language. However, not everyone knows what all these acronyms mean when they open their owner’s manual. Sometimes we think we know, but then find that we had made our own definition out of it. Let’s look at a couple of these terms that may be associated with home security systems. 


What Does That Mean?

We can start with the basics. Your home security connects to a power source and a network source, and, sometimes, a storage source. 

  • IP – Internet Protocol: anything that connects to your network, whether it is your security system or your smart home devices
  • LAN – Local Area Network: a computer network that connects devices together in one place. 
  • WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network: a network that lets devices connect and communicate wirelessly. 
  • Wi-Fi – not an agreed-on acronym: Wi-Fi is a WLAN, wirelessly connects devices
  • OSD – On-Screen Display: the menu that pops up to adjust settings
  • CCTV – Closed-Circuit Television: live video surveillance that can be viewed live or recorded and viewed later
  • DVR – Digital Video Recorder: a recorder that changes an analog broadcast to a digital format to store the video
  • IR – Infrared: a color not detected by the human eye, but emitted by the camera and translated into black and white for our view, night vision
  • HDMI – High-Definition Multimedia Interface: a high-definition video transfer from a device to a display, such as a monitor or television
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol: a way to transfer and store files on the internet, such as Cloud Storage


A Continuous Upgrade

The constant change and growth of technology make it a never-ending learning process. Most of us do our best to learn as we use it. No one likes to read the user manuals, but that is why they are there. Don’t be afraid to read as you install and use new things. At Allied Home Security, we do our best to make sure that you can use your new home security. Our professional techs are there for you. They will walk you through all the steps. You are free to ask any questions until you are comfortable with its operations. In addition, customer support is ready when you need us. It may seem hard to keep up, but don’t worry, it will get easier. Stay safe, and stay informed!