4 Questions to Ask When Choosing Home Security

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing Home Security

With home security systems becoming a standard item with homes, there are almost too many from which to choose. Where do you start? Referrals from friends? The most popular advertisement on television? Hopefully, you narrow it down to just a couple. And, when you do, here are a few pointed questions for you to ask of them. These questions serve as a filter to narrow the field even more. 


How Long Have You Been in Business?

There is nothing wrong with getting the full bio of a potential home security company. You are putting your family and home in their hands. It is only wise to make sure they are qualified. They go to the top of the list when you see an established business with happy customers. Make sure they provide a license for the state. Also, follow up with a phone call on that license, along with checking that they are insured. It goes a long way for your peace of mind. Is this business local or a nationwide chain? Although any company can get you set up through a network, if it is a local business, there is the advantage of quicker, more personalized service. 


What Kind of Equipment and Packages Do You Offer?

Today’s home security systems offer more than just an alarm. Equipment in the best home security companies includes not only the system in your home but a way to monitor or control it. People today look for the convenience of remote access. Today’s technology gives you a simple app, but there are many other ways to choose both residential and business security systems in Houston.  With this, your smartphone monitors, arms or disarms, can receive alerts, and more. Along with these simple items, up-to-date alarm systems offer smart home add-on devices. These automated items can smoothly connect with your home security and give you safety and convenience. Ask if you can customize the packages. You don’t want to pay for things you don’t need. If you move, what happens to this equipment? Does it go with you? Be sure to get all the facts. Also, is there monitoring available to back-up your security system? If so, what is the response time?


Is the Staff Trained and Certified?

A good company trains its staff with the latest technology. Customer service is the company’s lifeline. You can immediately get an overall feeling of attentive care if they are looking out for your interests and not just sales. Are they only available during office hours, or is it a 24/7 support line? What about the technicians? Of course, all should be trained and certified with the latest devices and network knowledge. Do they stay with you and help you get comfortable with your new system?


What Is It Going to Cost Me?

Finally, you ask that dreaded question. Here is the part where you need to be specific. You choose the best home security system, but what else is required? Is there a contract required, if so, for how long is it? Will there be extra charges? Is there installation or activation fees? Have your questions ready, and reliable home security companies will happily answer them for you. 



In conclusion, there are many questions, and variables that you need to consider. It pays to do your research and take your time. Make sure you feel comfortable with those you speak with. Give us a call at Allied Home Security, and we will take the time you need to get a good overall view of our security company and what Alarm monitoring solutions we can offer you. We will be proud to care for and protect your family!

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