Is a Wireless Security Camera System Reliable?

Is a Wireless Security Camera System Reliable?

You may hear friends or acquaintances say a wireless security camera system is less reliable than a hardwired system. In actuality, these systems have been around for quite a few years and bugs have been worked out, to make them more efficient and reliable.

Security camera systems are usually divided into two types, the battery- or solar-powered wireless security camera and the traditional, hard wire security camera. When it comes to choosing between the hardwired or the wireless, the wireless system has more advantages over hardwired security cameras.

Reliability of Wireless Security Camera Systems

The battery-powered or the solar-powered wireless security camera system is powered by batteries or solar panels. This makes these systems more reliable and secure, because they cannot be shut off merely by cutting the wires. These types of wireless security cameras are the most transportable and stress-free when installed along with a smartphone app.

There is no need to send information through a connecting wire. The only concern is whether you prefer solar, battery-powered or both. Plus, there’s no drilling or pulling cables through walls to hook-up the system; all you need is internet and secure Wi-Fi.

The advantages of wireless security cameras include:

  • Flexibility
  • Easy, quick installation
  • Portability

When to Choose a Wireless Security Camera System

Which wireless security camera system you choose depends on your precise needs. These needs can range from the flexibility of the system, aesthetics, power, and internet or network signal.

Wireless security cameras take very little time to install and don’t need a lot of drilling or even wiring work when compared to hard-wired security camera systems. One thing to keep in mind when selecting the best wireless security camera system is the quality of the system and the reliability of both the installer and monitoring service.

You certainly could buy a system, do the installation and activation and rely on the family to monitor and maintain it. Or, you could pay a few dollars more per month and get a networked system monitored by professionals.

Allied Home Security Professionals

A home security system powered solely by electricity is the most convenient, because you won’t need to replace the batteries or depend on the amount of sun to power the system, but you are susceptible to intruders with a pair of wire-cutters. When you use Allied Home Security, however, they provide the installation, activation, maintenance, and monitoring. All you need to do is make a small monthly payment and enjoy hassle-free home security.

Whether you choose a battery/solar powered system or a hardwired security system, Allied has what you need. They can monitor your entire home environment or business giving you peace of mind.

Allied Home Security –Your Choice for a Wireless Security Camera System

Call the professionals at Allied Home Security, (866) 255-4338,to receive a detailed breakdown of the benefits of a wireless security camera system for your home or business. We will provide an estimate of your needs and provide installation and activation free. Visit online or come in to the office at 507 North Sam Houston Parkway E #430.