4 Advantages of a Wireless Security System for Business in Houston

4 Advantages of a Wireless Security System for Business in Houston

There are four advantages of a wireless security system for business in Houston. These are expense, versatility, accessibility, and secure feeds.

#1 – Expense

A wireless security system will not require splicing into or re-wiring your business for installation. That means no drilling or pulling cables and wires through existing walls to set up your system. No muss, no fuss, just solid performance you can trust.

#2 – Versatility

Since you won’t have to choose where you place cameras based on the location of electrical wires, you have more versatility. Wireless cameras can send feeds remotely up to ten miles from the base, depending on the camera. Therefore, you can place cameras at various locations throughout your warehouse, outside storage area, or Homeowner’s Association residential area. Your feeds will travel securely through walls, buildings, and trees, even concrete, metal, or glass back to the base.

#3 – Accessibility with a Wireless Security System for Business

Houston, we do NOT have a problem. You can access video footage from any smartphone. This allows you to go on vacation and check video feeds from anywhere on the planet. You can randomly check security patrols and access points if you wish. However, with secure feeds going directly to your monitoring service, you need not worry, just enjoy your vacation.

#4 – Secure Feeds

Intruders cannot merely cut into phone and electrical wires to cripple your system and avoid detection. Video and images are stored directly to the monitoring service and the cloud; therefore, intruders can take the surveillance videos with them, but you already have back-up copies stored. With this security feature, your monitoring service can provide copies to law enforcement.

Also, a wireless security system uses a top-rate encryption device to secure digital data. Encryption secures your video feeds to protect it from common intruders and experienced cyber criminals.

Choosing a Wireless Security System for Business in the Houston Area

How do you single out a wireless security system for business? In Houston, it is more about selecting a respected and responsible provider than the system itself. Just about any security provider can install a reliable system to give you additional advantages listed above. However, when you choose Allied Security, you will not only receive free installation and activation, but you get the assurance of 24-hour monitoring and reporting by trusted professionals in your community.

Allied Security –The Provider of Choice for a Wireless Security System for Business in Houston!

Call Allied Security at (866) 255-4338 or visit us at 507 North Sam Houston Pkwy E #430. We will provide a free analysis of your business’ security needs. What’s more, most wireless security systems for business in Houston and elsewhere use batteries, and our professionals will schedule replacement during regular maintenance.