4 Great Features About an Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

4 Great Features About an Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

There’s plenty to smile about with an outdoor wireless security cameras system. New technologies have enhanced outdoor surveillance systems and accompanying features to include true night vision, weatherproofing, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities, and flexible power options. Choose some or all of these four great features for your outdoor wireless security camera.

#1 – Night Vision

True night vision is finally available for outdoor wireless security cameras systems. Infrared (IR) lights, a night vision system developed by the military allows cameras to pick up images and videos in low-light/no-light situations. This technology coupled with enhanced high-definition (HD) cameras now capture images for license plate and facial recognition. That is, after all, the very reason for surveillance cameras in the first place.

Since most intruders do not operate in daylight, IR technology for your outdoor wireless security camera system is an essential feature to provide forensic data to law enforcement.

#2 – Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing delivers a high level of protection against extreme weather. Homes and businesses in areas where intense sunlight, torrential rains, high humidity, and extreme cold benefit most from an outdoor wireless security camera that is weatherproof. Silicone “skins” seal the camera to protect the inner workings from environmental damage.

#3 – PTZ Capabilities

PTZ technology means you can cover more area with fewer cameras, making initial installation less expensive and keeping long-term costs down because you will use less power or replace batteries less often in wireless cameras using battery power. Some solar powered options use batteries to store that energy for night-time operations.

Additionally, some PTZ cameras have the option of remote operations, so the person monitoring the device can zoom in on any movement they detect and some automatically zoom, pan, or tilt to record movement within the cameras view to capture images or video of intruders.

#4 – Flexible Power Options

All surveillance cameras need the power to operate. Wireless does not mean there are no wires, but a wired camera does not necessarily mean it is hardwired into your electrical system, although that is an option.

The benefit of flexible power options for an outdoor wireless security camera is that you can choose a solar, battery, or electric power without visible wires that intruders can cut to disable your surveillance system. A system tied into a phone line powered by municipal electricity likely means trespassers can cut off your electricity to render your system useless. However, a battery-powered system requires replacing batteries frequently

We You Choose the Features of Your Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

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