Up Your Home Security: Houston Violent Crime on the Rise

Up Your Home Security: Houston Violent Crime on the Rise

Would it surprise you to know the most expensive real estate properties in the Houston area are also the safest neighborhoods? It’s true – the homes with the most expensive furnishings and belonging have the lowest occurrence of home intrusion. You know it’s happening. You see the headlines, “Man beaten and shot during home invasion.” Or, “Elderly woman pistol-whipped, pulled out of bed during break-in.”

Homes in Huffman, Clodine, Inwood Drive, Porters Heights and other affluent communities have fewer burglaries than other Houston areas even though it would make more sense to burglarize the more well-to-do residences. Why do you think more houses in lower-income areas get targeted for intrusion?

We would venture to guess those houses in upscale neighborhoods have home security. Houston is a thriving, expanding and beautiful community, but every area is experiencing higher crime rates. Some believe, for whatever reason, they don’t need or can’t afford a home security system.

It’s quite probable many lower-income families mistakenly believe they cannot afford home security. Houston homeowners and apartment dwellers can provide their families with first-class, affordable home security. What’s more, they need it as much or more than the safer neighborhoods in Houston. After all, the most valuable assets they have are their families.

More Than Home Security

Houston families not only receive 24-hour monitoring and protective services against intrusion for less than most pay for cable. There are also environmental monitors built into the system. They protect your family from several dangers, such as high mold levels that cause respiratory ailments, smoke and fire, and carbon monoxide poisoning, the “silent killer.” These sensors can alert you and your family to these additional dangers.

Wireless video cameras with night vision can be placed outside the home to make burglars think twice about coming in. These systems can provide law enforcement with video to use with facial and license plate recognition. Window and door sensors will trigger an alarm when intruders attempt to come in, which will not only awaken the family but alert law enforcement of a break-in attempt.

Imagine getting the benefit of these protective services for your family for less than $20 per month.

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