How to Choose the Right Home Surveillance System

Security is crucial for your home and family. Unlike a business surveillance system, a home surveillance system offers so much more. We don’t have to settle for the average video surveillance system anymore. Today’s home surveillance systems are more effective and intelligent than ever before.

The best systems now offer us computerized features and functions, such as window and door sensors, motion sensors, wireless alternatives and even mobile notifications. Those systems even provide 24/7 monitoring that instantly contacts law enforcement when necessary.

Technological developments in home surveillance systems have led to efficient methods of video storage, as well. We no longer have to worry about intruders taking the video evidence, as the video is automatically sent to the cloud. Homeowners now have access to extremely efficient and powerful home surveillance systems at immensely affordable prices.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Houston homeowners can now have the convenience and stealth formerly only affordable to businesses and wealthy clients. Wireless cameras are now the norm with the best home surveillance system. No longer can intruders merely cut the power to cripple your surveillance cameras. Battery and solar-powered options are must-haves for today’s homeowners.

Choose 24-Hour Monitoring for Your Home Surveillance System

Previously, only available to homeowner associations (HOA) and large firms, 24-hour monitoring, with law enforcement and smartphone notifications is now available to homeowners. Take advantage of this feature for your home surveillance system and sleep better, with unsurpassed peace of mind.

Window and Door Sensors

Window and door sensors are the second line of defense for your home. If the intruder gets past the exterior surveillance cameras without prompting a call to law enforcement, any attempt to enter through a window or back door will provide the intruder with a rude welcome.

Now, there’s even a video doorbell, so you can see who’s at the door from your bedroom. How convenient is that?

Environmental Controls and Alerts

Much to everyone’s delight, a home surveillance system is no longer just about security. Today’s systems monitor and alert us to smoke, high levels of mold and carbon monoxide. These lifesavers will alert you and your family in time to get out of the house or, in the case of high mold levels, get someone there to contain and eliminate it.

See How Affordable a Home Surveillance System Can Be

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