The Best Places to Put Security Cameras

The Best Places to Put Security Cameras

Security cameras are of absolutely no use if they do not act as a deterrent or capture valuable evidence that helps bring criminals to justice. It is, therefore, important to take placement into consideration when installing your security cameras.

There are a number of principles you should adhere to when placing security cameras, based on past research and current criminal trends. A static system will not protect your home or business forever, so it is important to review your security setup often, to stay ahead of those who would love nothing more than to take away everything you have earned.

Placing Security Cameras

What are the factors you should consider when placing security cameras? There are a number of important facts you should keep in mind. What is it you are trying to protect, and where would criminals be likely to gain access to those valuable items? For your own peace of mind, it is essential to think carefully before installing security cameras in and around your property.

Past criminal activity is a good way of determining the vulnerabilities in your premises. Criminals are notorious for doing what works until such time as a deterrent is put in place. If you are moving into a new building, it may help to speak to the previous leaseholders or nearby business owners. You can gain valuable insight into criminal activity and get an idea of where the best places are to situate your security cameras.

Vulnerable areas of your premises should be a major concern when installing security cameras. Criminals do not like taking risks, so if you have a system in place that significantly reduces available entry points, breaking in just isn’t worth the risk. The more buildings that use security cameras in a given area, the less likely it is that criminals will target premises in that location.

Weather is one of the main reasons security cameras fail to provide successful protection. If rain, dust, wildlife or insects are able to obscure the view of a camera, it really isn’t fit for the purpose. Placement obviously plays a part in mitigating negative impacts from weather, but the quality of your security cameras is of greater importance. It doesn’t pay to compromise placement simply because your rig can’t handle a little rain.

If you are interested in installing security cameras, speak to the experts from Allied Security. We can offer further recommendations and provide you with a system that works for your needs.