4 Reasons to Have Wireless Surveillance System Installed

4 Reasons to Have Wireless Surveillance System Installed

Have you been pondering installing a wireless surveillance system? You may be having some doubts, as the technology is fairly new compared to its traditional, hard-wired counterpart. However, before you make your decision, Allied Security is here to provide you with some compelling reasons to opt for a wireless surveillance system.

Wireless Surveillance System Accessibility

A wireless surveillance system allows you much more accessibility, regardless of where you are in the world. Going on holiday is one of the most stressful events when it comes to home security. Knowing you have direct access to your wireless surveillance system through your home network will give you the peace of mind you need, to enjoy your break.

Limitless Installation Options

Burglars do not like to put too much work into robbing a property. They may stretch to disabling cameras that are easily accessible; however, a wireless surveillance system allows for much safer coverage. You can place cameras in hard to reach places, which acts as an instant deterrent to would-be thieves. If circumventing your wireless surveillance system means extra risks, most burglars will not make the effort.

Insurance Backup

When making any kind of insurance claim, it is important to have near-concrete evidence. A wireless surveillance system that is linked into your home network will provide you with a record of any damage, in case of an insurance claim. Everything is captured in real time and in perfect clarity. Timestamps will help establish a chain of events, and clear images will show who or what was at fault. It may traumatize you to see your neighbor’s tree crashing through the windshield of your car, but those images will stand by you in court.

Kid Cam

Kids are little scamps, and they are hard to keep up with, even on your best day as a parent. If you have a busy household, full of life, a wireless surveillance system can help you keep a watchful eye on your little ones. You can also monitor your wireless surveillance system remotely, which means you have a reliable nanny cam while you are away from home.

Are you interested in learning more about a wireless surveillance system for your home? Allied Security can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your home protection needs. Call today to arrange a consultation with an expert in home security.