Why You’ll Love a Wireless Security System

Why You’ll Love a Wireless Security System

You will love how a wireless security system does so much for you, once the system is in, you won’t have to think about it. Once you set the parameters into your home security system, it protects your home and recognizes your pets without drilling holes or running cables across the room. In addition, you will save big on homeowner’s insurance, simply by setting up a system that is also beneficial for you and your family, (including pets.) These security systems ensure you know what is happening around your home 24/7, wherever you are, through your smartphone. There are many ways to use these easy-to-set-up systems, so call Allied Home Security to get an estimate or answers to your questions today.

A Pet-Friendly Home Wireless Security System

All you need to do is feed the information into your wireless security system, and it will recognize pets. No more worries about Fido or Phoebe setting off the alarm or having to shut it off to keep that from happening. You want your home to be protected, and your pets to be safe when you leave them at home. Your system will know the difference between a 50-pound dog and a 200-pound intruder. Even if you have a 200-pound dog, intruders normally do not walk on all fours, so the system will not get triggered simply because your pets are roaming around their home.

Apartment-and Condo-Friendly Wireless Security System

You may set these systems up in an apartment or condo, even where you are not able to drill holes or run wires for a wireless security system. With one of these systems, you will find the cameras and sensors can be set up anywhere you like. In fact, you could probably do the installation yourself, if you had the time.

Remote Management by Smartphone

You can control your system from an app on your phone. The system will tell you everything you need to know while you are on the go. You can check the cameras to “see” what they see. You can reset an alarm or a sensor, let your children in after school if they forget their key, and perform a variety of other functions that can be programmed into your wireless security system. It will help ensure you have the protection you need in your home.

Homeowner’s Insurance Discount

Many homeowner’s policies offer a substantial discount on your insurance when you have a wireless security system installed. It is important you inform your insurance company about your security system before they calculate your premiums. You will find insurance companies will give you a discount when you take the additional measure of installing a system that helps protect what they are insuring.

Not only will you save money on homeowner’s insurance when you have a security system, but more than the savings, you will love the added security and convenience of a wireless security system. Setting it up to recognize your pets, letting the children in after school, and managing the system from anywhere you go are just a few of the many conveniences you will learn to love.

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