For most of us, there is nothing more important than the safety and security of our homes and families. This is especially true when we have children at home, and we can’t be there to see that everything is okay. You can rest easier by integrating all you security devices by way of a home automation system. Using this approach you can activate and monitor all components of your home surveillance system from anywhere using your Smartphone or PC.

In a nutshell, home automation is the ability to control all your important home devices – your security monitoring system, all your doors including the garage door, wireless outdoor security cameras, thermostat, lighting, etc. from almost any location.  This control can be achieved via your Smartphone, tablet, or computer at any time – 24/7. When you’re away and need to check on your kids, just access your system and reassure yourself that all is well.

When considering a home automation system, it’s important to think about each component – wireless surveillance systems, cameras, access monitoring, lighting, thermostat, and alarms.  These systems work together via location-based geo-services that switch systems on and off based on your pre-programmed instructions.  You can control important functions in your home from anywhere via your Smartphone, PC, or tablet including:

  • Light Settings
  • Home Access Control
  • Thermostat Settings
  • Security Cameras, and
  • Activating/Deactivating Sensors
    • Door
    • Windows
    • Motion
    • Image

These components are interconnected and work jointly to give you the peace of mind you need in today’s hectic world.  Tell your system to turn on selected lights before you arrive or turn off lights you accidentally left on when you left.  Need to let your kids into the house – no problem. Just access your house locks from your office, let them in, then relock after the kids are safe inside. Check all the locks to be certain your house is secure. Do this from your Smartphone or PC without leaving your desk. You have total control from virtually any remote location.

And safety and security are not the only benefits from a home automation system. Arriving home from the office on a cold day? Use your Smartphone to turn on the house heating before you get there, so things will be toasty warm when you step in the door.  Need to check whether a package has arrived? View your front porch from your PC using your video monitoring.

Comfort, security, and safety equal peace of mind. These are things Allied Security Systems delivers daily.  Our company provides the very best in wireless home security systems. From anywhere in Houston, give us a call at 866-255-4338, and we’ll help you plan a home automation system using the very best surveillance equipment.  And don’t forget, we also have you covered for business security alarm systems as well.