Benefits of a Wireless Security Alarm System – Why it May be Right for You

Benefits of a Wireless Security Alarm System – Why it May be Right for You

Wireless surveillance systems are the latest in home security equipment. Systems utilizing high-tech advances can be installed which communicate via wireless connections without the need to run cables, rip out walls, or limit yourself to the restrictive coverage provided by a wired system. Not only is the span of coverage greater, but wireless systems prevent intruders from disabling a wired system by locating and cutting the wiring.

Not only are wireless systems convenient but they are highly flexible. Flexibility is one advantage wireless systems offer when compared to wired systems. For example, cameras and detection devices can be installed farther away from the central control unit, and they can be placed higher on your facilities. From these vantage points, these high definition security cameras can observe a wider and broader area. Also, the wireless units can be located farther from your DVR. Wireless devices are perfect for detached buildings such as garages or storage facilities. They are capable of long-distance monitoring and can watch more of your property and with easier installation than is possible with the wired system.

Many available cameras offer high definition (HD) resolution, infrared night vision, and motion detection. A well-planned home surveillance system can provide all these features and can be important in making sure your home or facility is safe and secure. Capturing a record of activity around your home could be important should you ever have an intruder. These systems produce excellent picture quality, are weatherproof, and are rugged which discourages attempts to destroy the units.

With the many Benefits of a wireless security alarm system, perhaps now is the time to consider switching from a wired to a wireless system. Allied Home Security personnel are more than happy to make an appointment with you and discuss the many Benefits of wireless security alarm systems and the process for planning and installing a system. Our security experts will review your existing system, discuss recommended changes, and help you plan your new wireless system. We provide the best home security services in Houston and offer the highest quality security camera surveillance systems and security alarm systems. Allied Home Security is the best home security you will find.

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