How Can I Be Sure My Wireless Security Camera System is Operating Properly

How Can I Be Sure My Wireless Security Camera System is Operating Properly

There is a common misconception that fake cameras installed on your property can deter intruders in the same way they are deterred by real cameras. The problem is that knowledgeable criminals and intruders recognize fake cameras and ignore them. When you install a wireless security camera system from Allied Home Security, you can rest assure that intruders will think twice before attempting to enter your property. But once you have the system installed, how do you know it’s performing at peak efficiency.

Here are some tips to consider when thinking about your wireless security camera system. First, make sure your system provides complete coverage of your home and surrounding property. Incomplete coverage leaves security gaps through which intruders can find their way without triggering your alarm. A wireless system can provide a broader and wider range of coverage than a wired system. This is due to the flexibility of the wireless cameras. These cameras can be located higher on buildings and farther away from your central control unit, increasing your system flexibility. Also, unlike wired systems intruders cannot cut the wires and disable your alarms.

Second, it is important that your wireless security camera system is properly maintained. Allied Home Security can provide you with technicians who follow a schedule of recommended maintenance. Also, they are on-call to respond to problems you might encounter. Proper maintenance will help prevent false alarms since settings and trigger thresholds are properly adjusted. As a result, animals and pets are not as likely to trigger a false alarm.

Third, high definition (HD) cameras provide you with the very best in image and video quality which increases your ability to identify individuals entering or leaving your property. Also, all components of your system should be compatible and designed to work together. Allied Home Security offers a variety of pre-configured packages, all compatible and carefully designed to provide you with the highest level of security possible within your budget.

Allied Home Security can provide a complete wireless security camera system for your home or business, including installation, setup, activation, testing, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Whether you are upgrading from a wired system or want to install a wireless system from the ground up, contact Allied Home Security and speak with one of our representatives. We will be more than happy to explain the options and features of the very latest in security technology. Our friendly staff is available at 866-255-4338. Give us a call today.