4 Great Things About Doorbell Cameras

4 Great Things About Doorbell Cameras

When you saw these on the Jetsons, you thought, “Wow that would be so convenient!” Now, nearly fifty years later, smart homes and doorbell cameras are here. The future is here for residents in Texas. Allied Home Security is paving the way to a brighter future, with truly smart ideas in home security.

Here, in no particular order, (excepting, of course,security, because nothing is more important than your security) are four great things about having a camera attached to your doorbell.

1 – Security

Of course, security is the number one thing to love about doorbell cameras. No more peeping through that little spyglass to see who is out there. Now, look at your phone from wherever you are to see who’s out there. Whoever is on the other side of the door does not even know if you are home. Likewise, you need not be home to know who visited. You will know when there has been a delivery and can stop by the house, if you’re in the neighborhood, and put the package away.

2 – Privacy

With doorbell cameras, there is no need to pull on a robe or get dressed and comb your hair to answer the door (or not answer the door) anymore. You can simply say, “No, thank you. I’m not interested,” from wherever you are.

3 – Convenience

Screening visitors is one convenience of doorbell cameras that cannot be overstated. No longer must we tramp up and down the stairs or from the kitchen to see who is at the door, only to discover it is a salesman or religious zealot. When the kids forget or lose their key, you can let them in, even from work.

Even when a thief is bold enough to steal a package from your porch, your doorbell camera will capture footage of the incident, and it could be all the police need to apprehend the thief. It also may be enough for your homeowner’s insurance to pay quickly, so you can reorder.

4 – Deliveries

Porch pirates – need we say more? With the increased use of the Internet to order what we need in this virtual world, we need an assistant. We can’t always be home when the delivery person arrives, but why hire someone? With doorbell cameras you can handle the task of opening the door to the porch for the delivery person yourself, and tell them where to put the package to keep it out of view. You will never again be tempted to leave the door unlocked for a delivery. In addition, if you think the delivery person is an impostor, you can inform the potential thief they are being recorded.

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