Why Leave Alarm Monitoring to Professionals?

Why Leave Alarm Monitoring to Professionals?

It is just natural for us to want to protect our family and property. Because of this instinct, most homeowners have some type of home security to keep things safe. Some have even taken the further step of having their home security backed up with alarm monitoring. However, a few have decided to monitor their systems themselves in order to save a few dollars. Is this a good decision? Why do many go with professional monitoring if we can do it ourselves? Let’s examine the Pros and Cons of having an outside company monitor our alarm systems, and see if it is really necessary.


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What Does Professional Monitoring Do?

Having an outside company monitor your security system connects your system to their central monitoring station. By doing this, when there is an alarm triggered at your home, the station receives an immediate alert. After verifying it is a true emergency, they contact first responders who get sent quickly to your home. 


There is also an option to have an immediate response sent to your home without verification if you choose. However, this is not ideal if there are children or pets in the home that have the potential to trigger the alarm. Some areas will fine you if they come out to false alarms from your home security system.. 


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What Are the Benefits of Professional Monitoring?

The biggest benefit you receive from professional alarm monitoring is peace of mind. When you know someone is watching over your home 24/7 when you can’t be there, it is a big relief. When you have your home security armed, either while you’re home or away, all it takes is a motion to trigger an alarm alert. The monitoring company may even receive this before you. This is especially important if you do not have cellular service due to the area you are in, or you are unable to use your phone at the moment. If you self-monitor your system, these are the times when an important emergency might occur at home. 


Keep in mind that the sooner you get fire, medical, or police to your home, the less damage is going to occur. You want someone responding to your home security needs as soon as possible. With alarm monitoring, that is exactly what happens. If you’re on vacation or at the office, it is a relief not to worry about what is going on at your house. With the combination of your alarm monitoring company and your smartphone app, you stay informed at all times of any activity at your home. 


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Make the Best Decision for Your Home

Many that cite their budget as the reason for trying to do their own alarm monitoring have not really compared the numbers. When you think about the $3,000+ price tag of a home burglary, that is a lot compared to a small monthly monitoring fee. It is even more than the monetary value. When your home is burglarized, it is a very traumatic thing. A burglary takes away more than just the monetary value of your items. It is the sentimental items and peace of mind lost that have the biggest impact on the family. Before you make a decision, call us at Allied Home Security and speak with us about what you need. We are more than happy to work with you and your budget. Our main concern is to ensure your safety and protection. Call today to learn more!