Avoid Common Home Security System Mistakes

Avoid Common Home Security System Mistakes

After you get any home security systems installed, you can relax, right? Wrong, because there are many things you need to stay aware of, whether you have home security or not. At times, homeowners tend to let their guard down assuming that their alarm systems have everything covered. The following items are things that commonly get overlooked or mistakenly practiced. In addition, there are also ideas on how to use your home security system to overcome these oversights. 


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The Perimeter of the House

There are several things to be made aware of when it comes to home security and the outside the house and the yard area. Many homeowners like their privacy, but is there ever too much? Privacy fences keep the nosey neighbors away, keep the pets close to the house, and let you sunbathe in peace. However, they also have the potential to hide an intruder that is looking for a way into your house. The same goes for your lovely landscaping. As much as you enjoy the large shady bushes by your windows, be sure to keep them trimmed back. You never want to provide a hiding spot for a burglar as they look for a way to get in. 

The way to counteract these security vulnerabilities is by making sure your security cameras get positioned correctly outside the house. Another good device is motion sensor outdoor lights. Rather than remembering when to turn on and off the lights, they turn on when they detect someone near the house. Keep your privacy while staying safe and not letting any activity go unnoticed. 


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Entry Points to Your House

Many burglars enter through a front door, believe it or not. They either kick in a weak door, find your hide-a-key under a mat, or just walk in since it is unlocked. This mistake applies to unlocked windows also. Burglars know what they are doing and only spend seconds getting into a home. These are all preventable areas of home security weakness. Think ahead and don’t take it for granted that it won’t be you. 

Ways to try and prevent access to these entry points are good habits to always have in your home. Have a solid-core front door with a strong deadbolt lock. Even better, try a keyless smart lock that can be remotely unlocked or locked. Never need that spare key hidden again or get locked out of the house. Window and door sensors also let you know the status of your entry points. Check on your windows, doors, and garage door on your smartphone at any time with the app. 


Inside Your House

There are a few things to do inside the house to discourage burglary. More than likely, a home getting broke into has been looked at before. Find things to do to make your home less appealing. It is strongly suggested not to place your home security keypad or control panel where it is in the view from the outside. You don’t want anyone noticing that your security system is not armed. Also, keep valuables put away, so prying eyes do not see them when looking in the window. 

Of course, having an armed alarm monitoring system is a great deterrent. To make it even more effective, have it professionally monitored. That way, you always have someone watching over the home when you are away. Also, indoor cameras and motion detectors let you know if unusual activity triggers them.  


Final Words

These are only a few of the many ways to check and improve your home security system. At Allied Home Security, we help you get the most out of your home alarm monitoring systems. Give us a call to find out more. Many times, your security is sufficient, but improvement is possible with some minor adjustments. We want your home out of the burglar target zone. Call us today and let us help!