Is Smart Home Security and Automation For Me?

Is Smart Home Security and Automation For Me?

Smart home automation is a growing trend that many want to add to their home. It is even compatible with your home security system, making it an ideal addition. Convenience and security all working together. However, there are those who raise concerns about home automation. Is it safe? Can someone hack into my home data? What are the benefits of having a smart home, and how can it protect me? Let’s look over the Pros and Cons of smart home security and automation and see if it is a good fit for you.



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Pros of Smart Home Security and Automation

To begin with, most agree that some type of home security system is necessary to have in your home. Whether it is your guard dog or a top-of-the-line security system, we need some kind of alert for stranger danger. Without it, we worry about leaving our house unattended. Smart home security not only protects the property while you are away but allows you to control it remotely. It also offers the option to leave it to the automated commands while you are away using a pre-programmed schedule. With an automated security system, you are in continuous control of your home’s devices at all times. Remote management of your home devices and security makes safety convenient. Your app lets you check the status of your doors, windows, locks, lights, garage door, and more. Nothing gets unnoticed with home automation in charge. 

Did we mention convenience? Integrating your smart home devices into your home security systems allows you to manage everything on your main control panel in the house. This control is in addition to using your smartphone app. From the thermostat to your coffee pot to the curling iron, the control is all in the palm of your hand, literally. The best part is that most of these smart home and security devices work seamlessly together. Of course, consulting with your home security company when putting a package together is important. You want to ensure that everything is compatible. Advanced technology brings us new items daily. With consumer interest and demand, smart home security will only keep getting better. Keep in mind, if you can plug it in, then you have control over it with a smart home. 



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Cons of Smart Home Security and Automation

Most of the presumed negative aspects of smart home security and automation get based on the fear of the unknown. When you put your home’s control on an internet network, the fear of being hacked by an outsider is there. When your security gets breached on your home’s network, it could expose your personal data, your daily schedule or even give over control of your home devices. However, don’t let these fears discourage you. The home security companies and the smart home technology companies are aware of these weaknesses. There are many safety protocols put into place to protect you and your home. By immediately changing the User and Password when setting up your device, you have taken an important safety step. Two-factor authentication also puts an extra layer of security on your device. Use unique and different passwords for each account. 

Other things that some may feel are difficult to get used to with a smart home is the battery usage of your wireless items. Most of your sensors last for a couple of years. But, high usage items such as cameras may need frequent battery changes. Have a good routine of keeping extra batteries ready to switch out so that there is never a gap in your coverage. Also, for those who may be more challenged when it comes to high-tech items, it could be difficult to get used to controlling your smart devices on your app. 


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Final Decision Making

The positives definitely outweigh the negatives when it comes to adding smart home security. Having control over your home at all times gives you peace of mind. Remotely unlock your door for the child who forgot their key or answering your video doorbell while out of town saves time and energy. Adjusting the thermostat before you get home or starting the oven to preheat saves money and gives great convenience. The options are endless. Any of the negatives involved are prevented by carefully applying security measures and following through. Keeping passwords unique and changed routinely, along with updates regularly, make your system secured. 

Reach out to us at Allied Home Security for any concerns you have in this area of smart home security. We are here to help. Our wide variety of devices and packages make it affordable for all types of budgets. There are so many smart home advantages that you don’t want to miss out on. Home automation is here to stay. Making your life not just safe, but easier is our goal. Call today to find out more!