5 Things Your Video Doorbell Can Do

5 Things Your Video Doorbell Can Do

When it comes to having home security, there are endless gadgets and devices available to add. Some seem to be more important than others, but all work together to keep you safe. A big element of security is capturing activity that happens in and around your house. This makes security cameras one of the items that become the foundation for alarm systems. You place cameras inside and outside the house, but one of the most important areas to cover is your front entrance. The device that covers this spot is the video doorbell. The video doorbell may be one of the smaller security devices in your home, but it is also one of the most depended on and useful. Let’s look at a few things this doorbell can do for you. 


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A Doorbell with Extras

The combination of having a chiming doorbell and a video camera all-in-one is a highly appealing home security item. As a doorbell, many of them have a Do Not Disturb feature that allows you to turn the chime off or on. When there are sleeping children or night workers that you don’t want to wake up, it becomes a handy feature. With the smartphone app, you receive alerts that someone is at the door even though it does not chime into the house. 

Answer Remotely

A favorite feature of the video doorbell is answering the chime alert from your smartphone. You can be on the other side of the world, but when the alert comes to your phone, you have the option to answer in real-time. With a two-way voice conversation feature, the person at the front door has no idea that you are not home. You can see them and hear them, and they hear your voice on the speaker as if you are inside of the house. There is no need to let them know that no one is home at the moment. Being able to screen the visitors by seeing who it is first, lets you choose whether to answer or not.

Night vision

Visual Deterrent

One of the best things this video doorbell does for your home security is to point its camera right at anyone who approaches the front entry door. If there is a potential intruder looking over the house, as they walk up, they are going to see the recording light click on. Nothing is more discouraging for them than to have their picture taken. Also, video doorbells are equipped with clear night vision capability. Day or night, capture clear images and video footage of any visitor that comes within range of your video doorbell camera.


Informed Activity

The video doorbell alerts you on your smartphone when there is activity at your door. The kids coming home from school or the unexpected friends they invite home with them are all captured and stored. There is no need to be distracted all day wondering what time your package arrived at the door. Or, more importantly, if it is still safe from the porch pirates that circle the neighborhood. In the case of theft or other crime occurring on video, it is saved for you to forward to the police or insurance company. 


Video Doorbell with App


The definition of cost-effective is being effective or productive in relation to the cost. The video doorbell definitely lives up to this. For the small price of this single home security item, the benefits far outweigh it. Simple placement, simple operations, and minimal cost with the benefit of possibly preventing great losses. It records footage of possible crime on your property which assists when filing losses. Most of all, with this piece of home security, you gain peace of mind of being aware of all activity at your main entry point. 

In Conclusion

These are only a few of the many uses of your video doorbell. As helpful as it is, there are many more vital items that are part of home security systems. Contact us at Allied Home Security to see what other security devices, including smart home items, are needed to protect your home and family. We have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to home security packages with alarm monitoring. Call today!