Spring Cleaning?

Spring Cleaning?

Whether it’s you who’s the ringleader or your spouse, you’ll likely spend a few hours in April decluttering, dusting, and moving things around. That’s why, in the spirit of spring cleaning, we’ve pulled together a list of the overlooked areas in your home that may need some extra attention.

For instance, make sure you check all the medications in the house. Although regularly taken medicine probably won’t expire before you finish it, emergency (as-needed) medication may need to be updated. If the medicine has never been used, dispose of it carefully and throw away the bottle. You don’t want to leave anything lying around that might look like fun to a kid. Honestly, if it has a date on it, it’s a good idea to check it.

Update your emergency kits each season. Start with your first-aid kit — if your children are accident-prone, you may be surprised at how much you need to replace. Make sure your paperwork is up to date in your emergency kit, and if you store non-perishables as well, check the date on those. Finally, go over your emergency plan with everyone in the family to make sure they understand what to do.

Finally, test your home security systems. Although alarms will beep to remind you of a battery change, it’s also a good idea to visually inspect them and make sure that they’re still audible throughout the house. You should also check the carbon monoxide levels in the air, and make sure every sensor and alarm is in tip-top shape.

Spring Cleaning isn’t always fun, but you and your family will feel a lot better (and a lot safer for it.) Even if you don’t do a full cleaning, it’s a good idea to walk around the space and visually inspect your alarms and emergency kits.