Playtime Safety

Playtime Safety

Every parent places importance on “child-proofing” their home to keep their little ones safe. Even so, up to 10,000 children per day are rushed to emergency rooms for injuries that commonly happen in homes.

How can you ensure that your child’s play area is truly safe?

Monitored Alerts

Windows or doors in your child’s playroom can pose a hazard. For example, a high window could be deadly if a child were to open it and fall out. Similarly, if your playroom has a door that leads outside, your child could open it and leave the house without your knowledge. Consider monitoring windows and doors with alarms that sound when opened. You can even install an alarm with audible alerts from the control panel, which state the specific entry or exit point (e.g. front or back door) that has been triggered. This is helpful if you’re in another part of the house and cannot quickly tell on your own which entry or exit your child has used.

Mobile Surveillance

You may not always be in the room with your child when they’re playing, but still want to keep tabs on their activity. By installing a security camera in your child’s playroom, you can see a live video feed of the playroom on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet) while you’re in another room of the house or at work. Not only can you view the video on your smartphone or tablet, the feed can be re-displayed on a TV for easy viewing while you relax on the couch or attend to other household tasks.

Install the camera out of your child’s reach and strategically position to capture a full view of the room.


Of course, you should take the time to teach your child about safety, and as they get older, you should gradually phase these techniques out.