Home Security for Kids

Home Security for Kids

The well-being of their children is top-of-mind for parents. As such, parents should identify the potential risks and vulnerabilities within the home, and work with their kids to develop a go-to plan in case an emergency happens. To help better prepare children in the event of an emergency and give parents peace of mind, we’ve highlighted three important home security tips to teach children.

  1. Get them familiar with the security system: Teach them about the alarm system, including how to arm and de-arm it (with supervision) and teaching them about the different alarm noises so they won’t be scared if it does go off in the future.
  2. Don’t forget doors and windows: Make it part of your routine when you leave the house. Everyone gets a window or a door to check, and when everything is locked, you can leave. It may sound like a basic tip, but a locked window is still prevention for something bad happening.
  3. What to do in an emergency: Discuss what could happen (like house fires or burglaries) once you feel they’re old enough, and include them in plans about what to do in the event that something happens. Make sure to practice with them as well, so if it does happen, they won’t be as scared.

Giving your kids the tools to practice security not only keeps them safe, but helps them stay prepared. It’s important to take it slowly though, and judge what level of discussion your kids may be ready for. A four-year-old needs a different explanation than an eight-year-old.