Making Your Home Security Fit Your Lifestyle

Making Your Home Security Fit Your Lifestyle

When it comes to choosing your home security system, everyone has a unique lifestyle. As a result, no one kind of home security will fit everyone. Of course, you have the standard basic items such as cameras, an alarm, and a control panel. However, depending on your house size, family group, or unique needs will determine what else to add in there. Let’s look at a few sample house settings and see what type of security devices work best.

Families with Children

There is nothing like the arrival of children to make you take life’s responsibilities more seriously. Knowing that others depend on you to keep them safe is a lot to think about. What are a few of the security devices that a home with a family in it might need? When the children are young, you already know you’re hands will be full. Running to answer the door is not going to be easy. Having a video doorbell, you can answer from your smartphone that you keep in your pocket. With the two-way conversation capability, you are able to speak with whoever is at the front door. Smart home keyless locks are also controlled with your app, so you can go ahead and unlock the door for the babysitter that just arrived.

Cameras are always the foundation for any security system. Indoor cameras are placed in common areas and near entry points. However, the exception would be a camera in the baby’s nursery to keep an eye on things. Watching over the home’s activities is important, but privacy must be respected also. This is especially true as the teenagers enter the scene. With keyless locks that use assigned PIN codes, you always know what time the teens come home. Some control panels also show who disarmed or armed the security system. Outdoor cameras inform you who is coming and going on the property.

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Singles or Roommates

For the single person who has left that family arrangement and is on their own now, you still need to be safe. Depending on if you are in a home or apartment will decide how extensive of a system you need. One of the basic, but important, items is the video doorbell. Package theft is a common occurrence lately, especially in apartments. It’s nice to know when something gets delivered so you can get it picked up, either by yourself or a trusted neighbor. In addition, living on your own makes opening the door a security issue. Stay alerted to any activity on the other side of that door. An indoor camera keeps an eye on your valuables while your away.

Also, being a single person, having some smart plugs around the residence allows you to manage any items you may habitually leave on. When you rush out the door, things such as the iron for your outfit, the curling iron for your hair, the coffee pot, and more get forgotten. Having these items plugged into a smart plug lets you check their status and turn them off if needed, even after you already left, by using your smartphone app.

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Older Seniors

The children are now grown and moved out and it’s very quiet. You may not think there is much left to monitor, but there is. Now the roles begin to reverse. The kids call, and want to know how you are doing. Having a home security system when you get older serves a lot of purposes. Home automation also is a big contributor. Most of the above-mentioned items come in handy for you. That video doorbell sure helps out when you can’t jump up from that chair as fast anymore in order to answer the door. Sit back and relax as you speak to the visitor on your smartphone. Go ahead and remotely let them in with that keyless lock if you were expecting them.

Having the indoor cameras let you converse with the kids when they check up on you. Also, as age advances, having a monitored system lets you have someone always available to assist you if needed. Place a panic button in areas that are prone to a possible fall or accident, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Having certain items using smart plugs keeps the management of your day easily checked on. Relieve the stress of wondering if you turned things off or not. Smart home devices take care of many everyday tasks with home automation. The possibilities are endless in that area.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Yes, there are basic home security systems and DIY kits out there. However, to get the perfect fit with the overabundance of security items available, getting advice is always a good way to go. Give us a call at Allied Home Security and let us know what your needs are. We assist you in putting together the perfect package. The best part of these customizable packages is that as your needs change, you are free to add or change the devices you need for the best protection at that moment. Find out more today!