June is National Safety Month!

June is National Safety Month!

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? This month of awareness originated in 1996 by the National Safety Council. The purpose is to increase awareness of the leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road, in homes, and in our communities. This year is especially focused when it comes to being safe at work. However, being safe at home is always a priority. What better month than this one to focus on your home security and be sure you stay protected to the best of your ability. 


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Home Safety

The National Safety Council reports that three times as many people receive injuries at home than at their place of work. The cost of these accidental injuries cost Americans and their employers over $730 billion nationally. What can we do at our homes to prevent these accidents? Having a home security system in place is a start. There are a few different ways that a security system helps out, especially when it is paired with a smart home. 

One of the most common injuries at home is a fall. Those most likely to experience this is young children and older ones. These falls result in injuries that involve concussions, broken bones, and even death. A home security system contributes to a safer environment. Preventing falls could be assisted by good lighting. Smart home lighting is programmable. Lighting rules throughout the home make it possible for nightlights to come on at night if it detects motion. Or, lights come on when someone enters a room. 

If you are concerned about an older family member the lives elsewhere, work with them to set up lighting and cameras to assist them. Wellness cameras let you check in on them if you are concerned. Also, there are panic buttons, or medical fobs, that they can keep on their person in the case of an emergency. That was, immediate help is called and any injury can be kept from being worse. 


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Place of Business

Businesses have a lot of safety standards that they are required to maintain. They not only look after their employees but also their customers. Cameras and lighting also play a big part in business safety and security. Cameras keep an eye on high-traffic areas that may develop liability issues. Having a recorded video to review allows a business to make corrections or find weak areas that they need to secure. 

Having a smart security system in place lets businesses maintain a safe environment, while at the same time, save money on their energy costs. Included in a business’s security system are the smoke detectors and CO sensors. Training, along with awareness, keeps the workplace focused on safety goals. 


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Our Community

Keeping our homes and businesses safe makes a safer community too. When you are part of a neighborhood, it takes teamwork to form a barrier of protection around you. Being a part of a neighborhood watch program is a good way to start. HOAs also do a lot to keep the area clean and safe, making sure there are no hazards that may cause harm. Trees stay trimmed, yards are neat, no clutter in the area that may cause falls or other accidents. Plus, neat areas discourage crime. Seeing home security cameras also make intruders think twice before approaching the homes. 


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Keep the Safety Movement Yearlong

Just because June is National Safety Month doesn’t mean it stops in July. June serves as a reminder to find ways to keep our homes, workplaces, and communities safe all year. At Allied Home Security, we make it our goal to keep you safe at all times. Call us for suggestions that you may apply around your house for safety measures. Do you have a home security system already? Don’t forget to do a routine walkthrough and look for ways to improve. Need to get some updates? We would be happy to look over your system and show you what new devices are available. Make every month safe for you and your family and call us today for more safety tips!