DIY Home Security vs. Professional Installation

DIY Home Security vs. Professional Installation

Having home security systems in our homes gives us the peace of mind that is necessary in this busy world of ours. However, there are many options available. How can we be sure that we are getting what is best for our home and family? There are choices even after you settle on what type of home security plan you need. You now try to decide if you want professional installation or to take on a DIY project. Which one is better? Of course, there is no set answer. There are no homes that are the same when it comes to the house, the family, and the needs. For that reason, we will outline the Pros and Cons. Then, you decide what works best in your situation.


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DIY Home Security Installation

The key to successful DIY is in the research and preparation. It is necessary to know exactly what you need, or just want, on the property. In addition, before any purchase, verify that the devices you choose are compatible with each other, especially your control panel. One of the drawbacks of a DIY is that you usually pick out individual items without a packaged deal. Thankfully, the DIY devices you use for your home security are the same commercial-grade products a professional uses. There are a variety of popular items to add, such as an outdoor home security camera to cover every area in the yard, so no activity goes unnoticed. Don’t forget the smart home items if you choose to pair up your wireless devices. Remember, you are also in charge of maintaining it. There may come times when you wished you have some professional support.

Choosing wireless and cellular devices makes them easier to install. It also lets you take it with you when you move or rearrange it in the home without a lot of fuss. Wireless items also keep you from having to run wiring through the walls or ceiling. However, installing DIY security systems involves a lot of caution. One incorrectly installed part could leave your home with a weak area in its protection coverage. Along with DIY installation, you also need to decide to do the monitoring of your system by yourself or have an outside company assist. Going at it on your own requires diligent 24/7 follow-up on all your alerts. When it comes to protecting your family and home, you can’t take the chance of not answering an alert when it comes. 


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Professional Home Security Installation

Enlisting the help of Houston home security companies to customize and install your system may not be the first choice for some. They worry about not having a say or control in the installation of the security system. Or, they are concerned about the cost of having professional service. However, this is not the case. For example, at Allied Home Security, we make sure to work closely with you and cover all your home’s security needs. All the while, we address your concerns when it comes to your budget. Our security packages have the most popular and useful devices in them, but you can customize them to fit your home. We don’t want you to pay for things you won’t use or need. 

Having a professional install your home security ensures that things are done right. Our technicians at Allied are highly trained and take a personal interest in their customers. They make sure to walk you carefully through the usage of any new alarm systems. Also, they will make sure there are no further questions before they leave you. If, however, there are future issues or questions with any part of your home security, customer support is always there for you. Although you feel like you know your home the best, trained security experts have many years of experience behind them. They see things such as blind spots or hidden dangers that you might not. 


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 DIY or Professional?

 The decision all comes down to your personal circumstance. There are cases where a DIY is the best choice due to being a short-term renter or a homeowner with specific needs. At Allied Home Security, we are here to review what you need and offer a consultation that will assist you in making a wise decision. Your safety and protection are a priority, and we want to make sure that is cared for. Give us a call, and see what your best options are. We are here to help!