Is My Wireless Home Security Safe From Hackers?

Is My Wireless Home Security Safe From Hackers?

We hear regular reports of major corporations having their customers’ data breached. So, if it can happen to them, it makes many of us concerned that our wireless home security system might be open to hackers. Is this true? Sadly, yes. However, that does not mean that it will fall victim to the bad guys. There are many ways to protect your private information that we will consider. First, let us look over where the weak areas might be and then find out how to avoid them. 


First Line of Defense: Passwords

Having a wireless home security system means that you have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals that are connecting your devices throughout your home. These signals are what the hackers are looking to find. How do they hijack your signals and gain access? One way is by getting hold of your password. A research study showed that 52% of people surveyed said that they reused their passwords for multiple sites. With the recent data breaches from major retail stores and other companies, if your information was in there and you use the same passwords, it increases the odds of access to your private information. Some people don’t change the generic user and password that comes with the equipment. How many still have Admin and Password as their sign-in? Need help thinking up a good one? There are sites that will help you with this and come up with random computer-generated passwords

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Second Line of Defense: Encryption

Another way that hackers get into your cellular home security system is that they intercept the signal that it uses. The only way they can do this is if there is poor encryption. This is the case with lower-end security systems. If hackers can go around poor or no encryption, they can then disarm your system. Be sure to go with a highly-rated system from a trustworthy company. Never buy used security equipment. You never know who had access to it or what modifications occurred on it. 

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Keep It Safe

Having wireless home security is preferred when it comes to convenience and flexibility. Plus, when the power goes out, your system will stay up with cellular service. Don’t let the home security that is supposed to protect you instead work against you. Take the precaution of using different passwords for everything that requires one, and change them frequently. After you do find the right home security system, be sure to keep the software up to date. Hackers are continuously evolving and software companies try to stay a step ahead. Thankfully, for the everyday homeowner, hacking into your home security system is more trouble than it’s worth. 

So, make all your safety checks and secure your system and the benefits of your wireless system will far outweigh any far less probable hacking. If you want to learn more about what kind of home security system is best for you, give us a call at Allied Home Security. One of our experts will be more than happy to listen to your concerns and give you the best direction. 


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