The Reliability of the Wireless Home Security System

The Reliability of the Wireless Home Security System

When it comes to the right home security system for you, you can choose between a wired system and a wireless home security system. Of the two options, a wireless system is better in many ways. A wireless home security system is less expensive, more reliable and easier to install.

In today’s world, it is imperative to have a home security system. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are 3.7 million burglaries each year. A home equipped with a security system is a more hardened target. When intruders see a home equipped with a security system, there is a good chance they will move on. If the intruder does try to gain access to the home, the system will alert you and those monitoring the system of their presence, notify law enforcement and likely scare them off.

You Can Trust the Reliability of a Wireless Home Security System

The reasons a wireless home security system is so reliable is it doesn’t rely on electricity to remain powered. If the power goes out in your neighborhood, a wired home security system won’t work. This would leave your home unprotected during this time. A wireless security system will remain armed even if the power goes out.

Ease of Installation

As mentioned above, a wireless home security system is much easier to install, and many are less expensive than wired systems. When installing a wired system, the tech will need to drill holes in the walls to connect sensors with low-voltage wires. In a rental, this might not even be allowed. This is not the case with a wireless system. The only drilling necessary would be to hang the cameras in the selected locations and place the main control system on the wall.

Added Benefits of Wireless Home Security Systems

There are a few other benefits of wireless security systems other than the reliability and ease of installation. First, if you must move, you cannot take a wired system with you without considerable expense. A wireless system can be moved anywhere.

Also, if an intruder wants to gain access to your home, all they need to do is cut the phone lines outdoors. This isn’t possible with a wireless system. Finally, you can control a wireless system from your smartphone. The control panel inside your home controls most hard-wired systems, which means a technician will need access to your home to preclude you having to go home to deactivate the alarm.

Get an Affordable Wireless Home Security System From Houston’s Most Reliable Home Security Company

When choosing between a wired system and a wireless home security system, you should consider all the benefits of a wireless system. Not only is it less expensive and quicker to install, but it is also very reliable, and it can be armed and disarmed no matter where you are, from the convenience of your smartphone.

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