How to Reduce False Alarms from my House Alarm System

How to Reduce False Alarms from my House Alarm System

It has been estimated that as many as from 10 to 25% of alarms received by monitoring services are false alarms. Some of these resulted in dispatching police or security personnel only to find there was no real problem and the alert was, in fact, unnecessary. False alarms caused by house alarm systems cost money and time and, on occasion, draw security personnel away from more important tasks. In some locations, if your home alarm system issues a false alarm the city or county may charge you a fine.


For homeowners with installed house alarm systems, there are some common sense ways to reduce the number of false alarms your system may activate. Listed below are some recommended actions and precautions you can take to reduce the number of false alarms from your system. Observing a few simple steps can save time, money, and lessen the chance of having local authorities send you a bill.


  1. Most false alarms are caused by human error. As a result, it is important for every household that all house alarm system users are properly trained in the codes for arming and disarming the system and how to secure the windows and doors. This reduces the chance an individual will accidentally set off the alarm.


  1. It is also important to inform the monitoring service if you change your security codes or add or delete authorized users. This can reduce confusion in the event of a false alarm.


  1. Be certain that you remove objects that may be too close to motion detectors and keep pets in secure places, so they do not wander when your alarm is activated


  1. Always be certain to secure your windows and doors and, should you arm the house alarm system and leave but then need to return, be sure to disarm the system before the alarm sounds. Advise all house guests about your security system, so they are aware of your house alarm system and understand how the arm and disarm the alarms.


  1. Finally, ensure that your system is fully maintained and that all settings are adjusted properly. To keep your system working properly, schedule regular maintenance through a security system monitoring company such as Allied Home Security.


Allied Home Security are specialists in home security systems and can assist you in designing and selecting a system that is right for you. Members of our professional staff will help you install your system train you in the proper techniques to prevent false alarms. We are also available for regularly scheduled maintenance on your system to keep it working in top shape. Give Allied a call today, 866-255-4338.