A Video Doorbell Answers the Question of ‘Who’s There?’

A Video Doorbell Answers the Question of ‘Who’s There?’

When intruders think about breaking into your house, they sometimes attempt to determine if you are at home by ringing your doorbell and waiting to see if you answer. If you’re not home and the house is quiet, the intruder is emboldened and may try to break in and enter. With crime on the rise, it only makes sense to take whatever steps you can to protect you, your home, and you’re family. One step that can be very beneficial in keeping your family secure is to install a video doorbell from Allied Home Security.


A video doorbell from Allied Home Security offers some important benefits and, in some cases, can prevent or discourage intruders. Following is a list of some main advantages you can get with this type of system.


  1. First, among the many benefits of having a video doorbell is simply being able to determine who it is on the other side of your front door. This is a particularly important advantage if you are home alone or if your children are home alone and you want to be certain the door is only opened to individuals you know.


  1. Second, a video doorbell can be integrated with your total home security system. If you wish, you can connect your doorbell to a motion sensor, which can activate a light, a video camera, or both. Also, a speakerphone is available, through which you can talk to your visitor.


  1. Third, your doorbell can be integrated with your home video monitoring system and capture all activity visible on your front porch.


  1. Video doorbells are available with night vision technology allowing them to see what’s in front of the camera, even if it is nighttime and dark. This can be a comforting feature if late-night visitors show up. Once again, if your video doorbell is attached to a speakerphone, any potential intruder approaching your door will be seen, and a warning can be issued.


  1. Monitoring package deliveries, as well as the arrival of service personnel, is easy with a video doorbell. You can communicate with the delivery person and instruct them to leave the package in a safe location rather than simply dropping it at your front door. Also, if you are expecting a service technician and happen to be away for a few minutes when they arrive, you can let them know you are on the way home and will be there shortly. In this way, you can help secure the delivery of packages and be certain you meet important service calls.


  1. Finally, a video doorbell will capture the arrival and departure of all individuals to your home. This can be handy, for example, should a babysitter’s boyfriend show up while you’re away when the sitter should be watching your kids. Also, you can monitor seniors who may be living with you to ensure they are safe and have not wandered off.


The versatility of a video doorbell is one of its primary advantages. Allied Home Security is your source for complete security alarm systems in Houston. We are available to work with you to discuss your security needs and to install the type and level of security system that is right for you. Give us a call at 866-255-4338. One of our professional staff will be happy to discuss video doorbells or any security needs.