Has Houston Crime Risen During Covid-19?

Has Houston Crime Risen During Covid-19?

The past year of 2020 has turned lives upside down all around the world. The pandemic has affected everyone’s home life, social life, and employment. What about the activity in our local area of Houston, TX, how have we fared? What are the crime statistics reporting? It would make sense that crime would go down with everyone sheltering in place with their home security around them. But is that the case? 

What Are the Facts Showing?

The Miami Herald stated that overall, crime decreased nationally. They report that property crime decreased by 19%. Most likely, this resulted from more people staying at home and hopefully using their home security system. However, since commercial businesses were mainly closed, burglars took the opportunity to break into them almost 30% more than usual. Car thefts experienced a sharp increase. People are not driving anywhere, and without people on the street, no one is keeping an eye on the parked cars. Sadly, homicides greatly increased in 2020. Houston had a 42.7% increase over 2019. People are suffering pandemic fatigue without an outlet to recharge. Limited human contact causes some to suffer extreme anxiety. A few factors contributing to some feeling hopeless, restless, and trapped are:

  • Shelter-in-place
  • Social distancing
  • Travel restrictions
  • Shutdown of businesses
  • Unemployment
  • Virtual workplace
  • Virtual school
  • Facemasks
  • Illness

Scientists have taken the opportunity to test out real-world theories when it comes to how humans are reacting to the pandemic environment. They are closely watching the reactions of staying home, unemployment, and even shortages of our daily necessities. 

Houston’s Big City Problems 

As previously stated, the homicide rate in Houston is up over 42%. The AP News reports that Houston’s homicide rate is the highest it has been in 30 years. As restrictions begin to lift and people emerge from their homes, road rage has increased and surpassed the previous year’s total. Unfortunately, Houston police report that family violence has also gone up by 31%. In the video below, the mayor announces Houston’s plans to put into place various programs and strategies to get through this pandemic safely. 

Houston’s Home Security System Solutions

As the statistics go up and down in an unpredictable atmosphere, what can you do? Your goal is to keep your family and home safe, along with staying healthy. First, make sure you clean, clean, and clean some more. You may be sheltering at home, but at some point, someone has to go out for the groceries and other daily needs. Many have gone back to the office for work, and the kids are in school. That means unfamiliar germs are coming into the house at the end of the day. Don’t let it spread.

Once you have it germ-free to the best of your ability, you can turn your attention to your home itself. Your home security system is very helpful during this time. Have you gone back to work, but the kids are doing school at home? Your indoor cameras can check on them during the day using your smartphone app. When you get a doorbell alert, you can answer it yourself via your app so that the kids have to open the door. Outdoor cameras with monitoring keep a 24/7 eye on things while you are away. Knowing the monitoring company is watching over your home when you are not available brings real peace of mind. 

Allied Home Security

Allied Home Security is here for you when times are rough. First and foremost, take care of your family. Get outside in the wide-open areas where you get fresh air and can keep your social distancing at play. We take the proper health safety precautions to keep you and our staff healthy. Give us a call for more home safety tips during this time. We will work with you to secure your home the way you want it. 


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