Houston Wireless Alarm Company Helps You Stay Secure

Houston Wireless Alarm Company Helps You Stay Secure

Are you worried about crime in Houston? As it turns out, Houston has some very high crime rates compared with the rest of the United States. Houston has approximately 102,938 property crimes and 24,196 violent crimes per year. Houston also has one specific area named Humble that has a very high property crime rate with 99.37 crimes per 1000 people. If you are interested in protecting your home or business look no further than Allied Home Security. We are a leading wireless alarm company in the Houston area providing a number of security and monitoring services for homes and businesses.

Protects You From Intruders
A wireless alarm system from a Houston wireless alarm company is designed to protect you, your family and your property from intruders. The alarm system also comes with a mobile app which is designed to ensure that you are able to have control over your system wherever you go.

Multiple Lines of Defense
A wireless alarm system comes with multiple lines of defense against intruders. The first line of defense is a yard sign and decals on your front lawn. This yard sign and decal reminds potential criminals that your home is monitored around the clock. They will be deterred from breaking in when they know that the authorities are not far away.

Monitor Door and Window Entrances
Wireless security systems are also able to protect the door and the windows of your home from an intruder entering the property. Securing the points of entry to your home will help stop intruders dead in their tracks before they can enter your home or business.

Scan Home Interior Continually
Security systems also scan the interior of your home continually to detect movement. This will catch an intruder whom is already in your home, in the event that they were somehow able to bypass the security that you have on your doors and windows.

Wide Range of Sensors
In addition to the motion detection systems, a wireless alarm system comes with a motion detector, glass break sensor, smoke detector, doorbell camera, security camera, key fob, and medical alert system. All windows that are also pre-wired will feature an alarm system.

Home Automation
Another technology which you can include with your security system is a home automation system. These home automation systems are designed to allow you to control your thermostats and lights, garage door, and locks. Home automation is something which most customers find is able to help them save on their energy bills.

Security System Is A Life Saver
A security system can also be a life saver because you can notify medical responders if you are in need of medical attention. One of the top 5 hospitals with the most emergency room visits is Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, located in the Houston area. Houston area hospitals can also vary in the wait times which feature times from 57 minutes at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas to 8 hours and 8 minutes at the Harris Health system. Being able to call for emergency medical help immediately can be the difference between life and death in many cases since minutes are critical in a medical emergency.

Choose To Have Packages Installed
If having an alarm system is not enough peace of mind, you can also choose to have a camera package installed in your home. These state-of-the-art video cameras will serve as your eyes whenever you are away from your home. These cameras are also fully supported.

Reduce Insurance By 20%
The good news for homeowners is that a new security system can reduce your homeowner’s insurance bill by 20%. This is not the primary reason why homeowners choose to install a security system: the primary reason is they are looking for peace of mind.

Tailored To Your Needs
If you are a business owner in the Houston area, there are also security systems from a Houston wireless alarm company which are tailored to business needs. In addition to securing your premises, a security system can also track when your employees arrive at work and leave. Furthermore, video surveillance is available to promote customer and employee safety.